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Welcome and enjoy! My intro message I'd like all newcomers to see is here: I won't repost it.

Thanks for the rather descriptive summary of how you see the downfall of reddit. The reddit structure has some unique merits so while I use traditional forum sited, chan sites, IRC and personal correspondence (pen pals and the like) to fill out my epistolary conversations with individuals and groups over the internet, I will always have a reddit like site on the list; at this stage this place is the best I've found.

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Welcome and, wow, you are thoughtful and thorough. Great start my friend. I still play at, and, but for intelligent discussion, this place is the one. Hope you enjoy this place and get to posting your own memes and themes. It will be a pleasure observing your material.

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Welcome! You seem like a thoughtful person and I'm glad saidit suits you. We're happy to have you here!

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Welcome ! Please stay. I like your post, you seem like the right kind of person.

Meanwhile the job of being a moderator becomes harder and harder to do, to the point where it is not surprising that mods of major subreddits are extremely invested into the site compared to normal users.

Well stated. I wonder what could happen that would ameliorate this problem. People smarter than me have certainly been trying to figure that one out.