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Welcome my friend. It is not so great as I had hoped when I first joined but we cannot use that fact to fuel complacency and return to reddit. It would be a great place if all the people who turned their backs on it just had the courage to be the first to post and not wait for others to make interesting posts. Do not be afraid to post because there is nothing like yours already posted. Be brave enough to bring the good conversation here. People will come out of the woodwork slowly and you will be the spark that started the fire.

I like to do an exercise where whenever I fell like posting something on reddit, I post it here instead or at least post it on both sites.

I would highly recommend the sub C_S_T. It's sort of a backup of the much more popular reddit one but I like to think that it will be migrated entirely if people only had the courage to post here first rather than to reddit.

Welcome and enjoy!

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Thanks man. I'm not a great poster, mostly a lurker. But i will do my best to stir some fire for discussion.

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People will come out of the woodwork slowly and you will be the spark that started the fire


It only takes a spark

to get a fire going

and soon all those around

can warm up in its glowing

from a song I was taught as a kid about a positive kind of fire, like you're talking about.

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While the numbers aren't that great at the moment, that's the first step towards independence from the massive intellectual jail that reddit has become. I prefer to be among a few thousand posters who can say something meaningful than a few million posters who are passively joining shills, brigaders and the like.

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Hey welcome, glad to have you here!

Since you mentioned my podcast interview, here's a list of all 4 podcast interviews I've ever done, if you want to listen to more:

THC - Rothschilds & Africa:

TFH - Rothschilds:

THC - Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, & The Suicide String Conspiracy:

TFH - BlackCube:

Anyway, welcome again. See you around saidit

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Hey Magnora7, thanks for the welcome. I appreciate it! I listened to the one with Anthony Bourdain. And on that note i would like to know more about the Society of Saturn (Fraternitas Saturni). Can you point me to some valuable literature? Maybe the BlackCube episode delves more, or is it just for the inteligence company?

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Yes the black cube one delves more, it talks about the representative aspect of the Black cube as well, in as on the top of the planet Saturn and as also featured in many major religions. It's mostly about the Israeli company, but we definitely talk more about Bourdain and also all these symbolic meanings of the Black Cube as an object. These things definitely happen to overlap a lot, it seems. Especially since Black Cube was involved with Rose McGowan (a friend of Bourdain) and Harvey Weinstein, who both started the whole "metoo" thing.

There are a lot of very interesting connections. I definitely recommend the black cube one if you liked the bourdain one.

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Thanks. Watching it RN. 27 minutes in.

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καλως ΗΡΘΑΤΕ!

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καλως ΣΑΣ ΒΡΗΚΑ!

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Welcome home, homey.

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Thank you!

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Hello! Hope you have a good stay here.

and improvement but for the sake of social betterment and not explicitly for personal gain

interesting take.

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It's much nicer to be able to talk without needing an extension to hide votes

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Hello! We also have a small Greek community here at /s/Greece!