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In my experience, having been on Youtube since 2007, what Susan Jewcicky did to YT comments is way, way more damaging than Reddit turning batshit commie. So many more people used the commenting system under videos, and do it till this day, but that witch started disappearing comments and reply notices and started manipulating what's popular vs what's "socially justified". Not to mention other YT manipulation involving creators. Reddit, I personally never used much because there are so many message boards out there to choose from that there is no need to tie yourself to just one.

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I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone mentioning this, I haven't been receiving notifications from comment threads on YouTube for like two years now. 8 times out of 10 when I make a comment, and refresh the thread, it suddenly dissapears too. It's especially annoying when some retard is harping on you, and you can't even justify your point or bite back because YouTube just decides to delete your comment almost instantly. The platform is just garbage, for both users and creators. The only vids I see are trending these days are those shitty late-night talk show hosts, or incredibly boring and PC shite. YouTube fucks you in the ass all the time, it's just a shame there isn't a better and sustainable alternative.

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The server costs for video sharing are still abysmal, I think that is the main reason there aren't many great alternatives. Someone could just copy paste YT layout circa 2008-9 and it would be way more popular than the original YT, which would go into the sunset with other premium content sharing sites.

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    PeerTube is federated and d3rr, cohost of SaidIt, has one named /s/DownTheMemoryHole.

    It's all I can do to buy a new hard drive every month or few to archive all the stuff I come across. I have dozens of drives full to share, but no server, so that's a problem.

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      GoDaddy is one thing with a small site.

      WikiSpooks is only 5.7gb :

      And apparently SaidIt is similar in size.

      100+ terabytes of video is another. It's not even raided.

      I wouldn't object to a legit authentic revolution, but all revolutions through history have been infiltrated, subverted, and become just more of the same.

      The goal would be to keep information alive and uncensored.

      If someone dropped a million dollars or more in my lap I would...

      1) Buy a huge empty warehouse and form a workers coop and set it up for artists, makers, coders, gardens, and such.

      2) Set up an opensource decentralized alternative to YouTube/BitChute, private at first, establish the decentralization stuff online AND offline, as well as the community for ratings and such. Silk Road had a ratings system for determining who was selling good drugs and who was a rip off. Like that we could determine who was sharing properly and who wasn't - not just online sharing but copying entire hard drives and snail-mailing them. IPFS could verify the files are legit. Torrents could share them online. Etc.

      3) Finish developing and produce my 6 screenplay projects.

      4) Get some land in the country and build an earthship for people to take time off and or work there. One urban and one rural. The Earthship would need to be prepared to build more Earthships, some green houses, and of course some more warehouses/shops.

      I can dream.

      Of course "they" would try to stomp it.

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      But wouldn't it just be nice to have a steady forum for humanity to discuss in. Diluting the platforms reduces communication.

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      On the contrary, we need more competition and less monopolizing of dialogue

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      Youtube comments were always terrible. What really damaged conversation was taking away video replies. No one reads a wall of text but you can say it all in a 5 min video and people would watch it. It also take more effort to create a video response so it seriously limited the ability for trolls and shills to play their games.

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      What happened to YT comment section exactly? I cant really remember how it was back in pre 2010.

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      It is completely borked. You could converse on Youtube as freely and reliably as you can here now on Saidit. Today, their algos hide/mute comments, hide replies, manipulate downvotes vs upvotes and so on. Basically, the style of manipulation they enforce upon creators. Social engineering at its worst.

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      Reddit has become a cesspool of censorship and crybullies.

      It's time for it to die.

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      I look forward to a day when all real human users have fled, and Reddit is just a big circlejerk of bots and shills responding to each other in endless reiterations.

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      It's being propped up by bots.

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      yea.. it is way worse than Digg was when it croaked.

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      I totally agree.
      Social media should be fun, and a place to have open (&friendly) discussions about things that concern you or me.

      On Saidit, I notice how unpopular opinions are not downvoted into oblivion.
      So I see political posts/opinions of more than one side.

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      On Saidit, I notice how unpopular opinions are not downvoted into oblivion.
      So I see political posts/opinions of more than one side.

      One of the best features. You don't know, what you don't know.

      What you don't know can harm you.

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      It can not be agenda free. The agenda is to talk about all the things that are banned elsewhere.

      With that said, what are your interests and hobbies?

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      what are your interests and hobbies?

      Music, classic cars, film noir movies, guitars, drums, piano, hiking, fishing, travel, philosophy, cooking, skinny-skiing, going to bullfights on acid

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      I play drums and guitar, Ive written a lot of songs too.

      Agendas are impossible to avoid, we all have one. Your post to avoid agendas agenda lol.

      I think what you mean is you want to be able to have fun internet exchanges about normal things like in ye olden days, and I can get with that, all day long.

      I only write edgy political satire because I am angry about the state of affairs, and no one else is saying what needs to be said. Well maybe not only, but I wish it were a different timeline where I could just be an artist and the people in journalism were doing their jobs rather than propagandizing us all the time.


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      I think what you mean is you want to be able to have fun internet exchanges about normal things like in ye olden days

      That's what I meant

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      I have an extremely limited budget, but your books are on my list now.

      I'm curious about your edgy satire. I'm working on one now. I must finish it before September. After then I can take the liberty to check out yours. I don't want to be distracted, nor "borrow" ideas. I'm already too full right now.

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      I hope you'll make a sub about bullfights on acid.

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      Philosophy and politics are kissing cousins. If you dabble in one you always get the other's cooties. What would Freud say about someone who dislikes politics but likes philosophy?

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      I have an interest in politics and I stay informed, however it would be nice to have forums for various unrelated topics without politics. Politics and other issues have infected everything on Reddit.

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      The agenda is to talk about all the things that are banned elsewhere.

      But that sucks though. Then you only get ranting. You need to be able to attract normies to make Saidit a real Reddit alternative. That means cat videos, music fans, stupid celebrity bullshit, and especially video gamers. Click random a few dozen times on Reddit, half the subreddits are for talking about video games. If Saidit could offer something Reddit couldn't, they'd flock here in droves. As it is, they only open new subreddits because they already have a Reddit account and it's so convenient.

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      You need to be able to attract normies to make Saidit a real Reddit alternative. That means cat videos, music fans, stupid celebrity bullshit, and especially video gamers.

      100% agree, normies are needed.

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      Yes and no.

      It would change SaidIt for both the better and worse.

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      i wanna talk politics... there are different subs :)

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      Maybe my original post wasn't written so well. I'm not against political discussion. What bothers me about reddit is politics and agendas have taken over almost every sub.

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      It's mostly propaganda also, disgusting website now.

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      So heavily censored in unfair manner. They are absolute pussies that censor anything that breaks no rules but simply dont line up with their sheltered leftist view point. I only cycle accounts to aggravate the fucks but they put restrictions on accounts so its difficult.

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      Here here

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      FYI: You can create MULTISUBS.

      My Carswell_Faves multisub focuses on solutions plus a little more. You can create your own or copy mine to yours and customize it. I will soon copy my Faves to customize both, adding more to Faves and removing some for Solutions only.

      /s/all is getting too overwhelming for me so soon enough I'l have a few custom multisubs to suit my moods, maybe eventually all of these:

      Multisub Ideas
      Amusements arts, creativity, distractions, drugs, events, fun, hobbies, humour, media, piracy, sports
      Control conspiracies, corruption, deep-state, defense, economics, exploitation, history, intelligence, manipulation, oppression, politics, preppers, psyops, war
      Faves my faves
      Geekery architecture, cyber, DIY, engineering, futurology, gear, hacking, maintenance, open-source, printing, programming, science, sci-fi, space, technology, vintage
      Info DIY, history, ideas, ideologies, graphs, maps, references, resources, WikiSpooks
      Misc whatever remains
      Music only music
      SaidIt made last year for all SaidIt-related subs in one list
      Solutions activism, decentralization, DIY, energy, freedom, gardening, open-source, rights, SaidIt, self-improvement, self-reliance, solutions, sustainability, voluntarism, wellbeing

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      But have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?

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      Who's he?

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      I'm not sure, but I don't think he's technically with us here on Earth anymore. If anything, that guy's soul already made it to Heaven. We're still here though...and we're supposed to figure out what to do about that, I think. shrug

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      Can you put your foot out of my doorway please..

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      Ok great

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      just came out yesterday that all the reddit admins can give out as much gold rewards as they want without paying for it. from the editing people's posts, to quaranteening rival political subreddits, changing people's passwords's apperarent it's the new new's. younger people aren't watching the news much anymore so they have to be brainwashed in other ways. They entire front page is complete brainwashing. if you challage any way of thinking you will be immedietly downvoted then the mods come in and shadow ban you. the rules on reddit back years ago was that the downvote button was not a dislike button. they have removed all notions of that rule anywhere. fuckin spez demon.