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I can assure you that the people you call out are just as repulsed by your ideology as you are of theirs. Still, even though I disagree with your leftism, I welcome you here. This place is for free exchange of ideas. Any dialogue can only help bring people together.

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Except if they hate me for something I can't change, such as my ethnicity or my skin color and I hate them for their intolerant beliefs, but I wouldn't hate them anymore if they've changed their beliefs and would tolerate my existence its actually different.

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I've been around quite a bit, and I don't think people hate you as much as you have come to believe because of your skin color. From what I've gathered, most people who may seem like they're being racist are actually being reactionary in frustration to "diversity" being implemented by force, which is also inherently tied into most left leaning ideologies.

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I don't get it why they don't want diversity. Minorities want to be represented! If there's 13% of black people in America, it's good to represent kinda the same amount in movies! Because it makes everyone not become a racist because their favorite movie characters are black for example!

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It's not about racism. It's about creating conflict.

If you actually look at it, diversity can be just as harmful, if not more so. It has been weaponized. The people they let in are often intentionally problematic. Single young men are far more likely to commit crime than responsible older men with their families. ALL governments are at war with their own citizens, economically, socially, etc. Corona is a scam and prime example. Forced diversity criminals get off easy, intentionally. When there is chaos the government gets to write new laws in their favour. They want more power and control and will settle for nothing less than full spectrum dominance backed by their monopoly on violence.

I love my diverse relatives and friends in the many cities I've lived in. But forced diversity is a critical problem to socially engineer the world, just as the drugs the government controls and imports and spreads in certain communities.

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What exactly is "forced diversity"? I've talked about media representation of minorities, not of immigrants. The government doesn't let in immigrants specifically from groups that are problematic. They just happen to be problematic because they're refugees war and from poor countries and it's logical that their socio-economic situation makes both that they're more likely to commit crimes and more likely to migrate to rich countries. But the government tries to help those people and also to make them less problematic by teaching tolerance also to them. And about they don't get away from the law, they're most likely to be put into prison and have harsher terms, actually. Just look at how the US police kills black people.

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First, if our governments weren't destroying them with bombs, they are infiltrating them with CIA to overthrow authentic democracy, or they are decimating their populations via economic warfare covertly, overtly, and when belligerently overt they call them "sanctions". If they stopped that people won't want to flee to a better place, they'd just make it better for themselves.

Forced diversity is importing refugees where none are wanted nor welcomed. Call those people racist if you want, but what they're doing is giving the refugees welfare that they aren't even giving their own citizens - and integrating the foreigners, who through no fault of their own, is very difficult and problematic - further stressing their new communities. That's only the tip of it. Look it up. Don't take my word for it. And above all, don't take the corporate media's word for it.

ACTUALLY, they DON'T get harsher terms. There's NO SHORTAGE of examples posted here on SaidIt about this problem.

The American Prison Industrial System is the only place left in the USA for legalized slavery. Yes you are correct that it is a HUGE FUCKING PROBLEM, especially the disproportionate Black people locked up. The system is totally racist. And forced diversity is not removed from this, but it's not really as big an overlap as you're implying, and forced diversity actually seems to be a much bigger problem in Europe. Unless you count the Hollywood propaganda where forced diversity and SJW politics is intentionally utterly destroying major franchises and entertainment in general, from movies to TV to games to music and more.

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the US police are actually more hesitant to kill non-white people in interactions. and for the UK, look at how much the grooming gangs were covered up because the perps were mostly not white.

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teaching tolerance also to them

they do???

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Disagree. Made me angrier to realize what was done with shoe-horning non-euros into euro mythology in some of my favorite shows growing up. Kids should have people of their own ethnic group to relate to.

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Yeah, maybe people shouldn't make European mythology black or Asian sometimes (although they can do whatever they want because its an adaptation) , but also we need diversity in new media, such as new movies with completely new plots, it's better to have there both white, black and Asian people because kids wouldn't become racist.

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it's better to have there both white, black and Asian people because kids wouldn't become racist.

No, it's not, it's better for people to be able to have media that's meant for them. And when people shoe-horn in non-euros it's called appropriation, and it's a bad thing.

It's not appropriate for a euro kid to feel like it's not ok for them to relate to and like euro stuff for euro people. Nobody ever does this with media for anyone but euro people. Nobody's going to a syangogue and talking about how we need to insert Aboriginal Australians into the story of Moses in every and all contexts that little Jewish kids here about it so that they won't be -ist against them. Nobody's talking about how it's a problem that African media doesn't not only include but center Saami people and influence in any and all stories they tell about themselves so they won't become -ist against them. Or how Koi-San people need to always be included in tellings of Inuit traditional stories in all contexts. Or why it's wrong for Aboriginal Australians to tell their tales without centering the influence of Lesbians (actual Lesbians, from the mediterranean island) in their history.

I think it's wrong when people do this, and I'm angry looking back at how this was done. At the time, yes, I believed it was a positive thing as stated, but it's increasingly difficult to believe that now with how blatant it's become. Things are celebrated for lacking white people now, even when they center white history! Wakanda was a story about European technology. Look up who Obama chose to do his presidential portrait. I had been so happy when he was elected!

Racist isn't a real concept, it's a political weapon. It's just a concept made to stigmatize white ethnocentrism, that's how it's always functioned. Is anyone seriously trying to do anything about ethnocentrism or ethnic pride in any other group? Latino celebration rather conspicuously tends to avoid celebrating and explicitly connecting to its European half, surely that's a problem? And African American culture certainly isn't taught to value the contributions of Europeans to their development. Nor are Amerindians, whose image is largely associated with something that came to them from Europe -- the horse. Ethnocentrism is a normal, healthy, and necessary impulse and doesn't at all preclude international friendship, alliances, cooperation -- rather the opposite -- good fences make good neighbors, and all that.

Euros are objectively one of the least ethnocentric people on the entire planet. If you want to work on it, I'd suggest starting with Jews. They are among the most. We need to stop telling Jewish stories that don't center non-Jews, because Jews do objectively often think they're better as seen in polls and stuff. If they follow their religion, they dehumanize others as their religion tells them to. If one thinks making judgements about groups in that way is a problem, that is a far more urgent issue.

Or don't pick Jewish culture, whatever, I just get irked with Jewish people doing this kind of thing because of the hypocrisy. And they are one of the most ethnocentric groups. I don't know anything about you, maybe you're a big protestor of Israel or something, I mean in the general context we're all existing in right now. Literally any other group but euros is in bigger need of this alteration to their stories.

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Except that 1. afro americans are a huge part of the US population and making US movies without them is unrealistic 2. People all around the world watch Hollywood.

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Since you didn't reply to what I said, should I just assume you agree with everything I said? "racism" is a political concept invented as a way to hurt whites? if it were a real concept then the people who most need outsiders added to their stories are literally all groups except whites, including Jews, Inuit, Africans in general, Koi-san people specifically, African Americans, Amerindians in general? that it's good and right for everyone (including whites) to have stories about them for them depicting them? shoe-horning outsiders into someone else's stories is an act of appropriation, and is wrong? I'm right to be angry about what was done with the stories I saw as a child, and about Obama's choice of portrait artist? You now understand why the concept of "racism" is a political weapon meant to harm a specific group of people, something you'd never want to participate in, when you must not have understood before since you used the word?

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So if a white person calls a black people "shitty nigger" it's not racist? Or if a black girl says she hates all white people it's lot racism?

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also white, black, and asian is a bit... like... a vietmanese person is not the same as a han chinese person. a sentinel islander is not the same as a west african is not the same as an aboriginal australian. and where do people like the piraha fit into this, are they a type of "asian" who would be just as well represented by that guy from "gangnam style" (a very racist production, btw, no non-east-asians present in the video)?

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I agree, it's just general "races", it's, better to represent all ethnicities in sons, ways. But it's not the point.

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do you think gangnam style is racist?

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No. I don't think just excluding races at all is racist, it's just annoying but if it's made a lot of times it is indeed racist. But in Korea there's not so much minorities, unlike in the US where afro Americans are important.

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it makes everyone not become a racist because their favorite movie characters are black for example!

One of my favorite movie character growing up was black. In a story I was probably drawn to because it was completely saturated with European aesthetic and mythology.

And I'm angry about it. I'm angry that this story wasn't represented by the appropriate characters. I'm angry that there is explicitly anti-white content included in it, looking back. I'm angry that I don't now have someone to look up to who looks like me and comes from a similar place as me. I'm angry that when an abusive black person comes along to degrade white people (as is extremely common, just ask mixed people who have to deal with feeling like an outsider among both blacks and whites, who usually treats them worse), they can use this character that used to inspire me to mock and degrade me and detatch me from a source of inspiration. I'm angry that if I want to retreat somewhere for inspiration and comfort in a world that is explicitly hostile to my race, I can no longer as easily turn to this childhood hero. I'm angry that people knowingly put me in this position because they didn't think I was important enough because I'm too white.

The overall experience has made me more race-aware and race-protective, not less.

And the only reason I thought of this was because someone with presumably similar views to you came along and said, "white people have never had to identify with non-white characters". They were wrong.

And if your answer is anything other than, "I'm sorry that happened to you, you're important, it shouldn't have, and now that I know about it we need to work to correct this problem" you're not someone who's nobly advocating to make sure the world is a good and safe place for everyone. Because if you were -- if by buying into your ideology I was protecting not only others but myself also -- you would be just as capable of compassion and genuine support towards me as you are towards everyone else who openly hates me for nothing other than the color of my skin.

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What's stopping black people creating their own movies?

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There is a bit of that sure. But then there are also lots of people who can't write anything without mentioning jews. Like they'll find a way to mention them in a cake recipe post lol. Don't use jewish sugar!

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Those who discuss Jews have half the story.

It's not the Jews that are the problem.

Brainwashed like everyone else, the Jews are the human shields of the ZIonists, the real problem.

More Christian Zionists exist in the world than Jewish Zionists, however, at the top it's mostly Jewish Zionists in charge.

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That's TDS.

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It's a shill thing. ;-)

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Those Damn Shills?

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Left-leaners don't call themselves leftists.

The Israelis are pretty much the only ones who use this term.

See the intro title.

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I do. I came from the solid old-left, with a priority on the environment and compassion, collectively or otherwise. I've since come close to center and even right on many issues, but above all I've become a solid voluntarist, where I was a voluntarist in theory before-ish. I lean way down and a little left, like my dick. It's easy for noobies to understand "left-leaning", meaning close to center yet not extreme.

What intro title?

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I'm a leftist but I'm here

He's a fake lefty

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Having limited awareness doesn't make one fake. Proof?

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can't write anything without mentioning jews. Like they'll find a way to mention them in a cake recipe post lol

Yet Jews invented an entire mandatory dietary system that some openly claim was to make it difficult to "share cake recipies" with everyone who doesn't happen to follow Judaism.

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True 😂

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Very few people hate anyone for his skin color or ethnicity. That would be an incredibly stupid belief to have. I don't think many people are that stupid or close-minded.

What you can do is gather data and statistics and compare different ethnicities based on that. You can't judge individuals this way. Like, if a high percentage of immigrants into the US vote Democrats, I can understand why a Republican or Libertarian wouldn't be too happy about masses of them being imported into their country via their taxes. I don't think this is such a controversial position to have; If immigrants reliably voted Republican, the US would probably have a borderwall visible from space right now. That doesn't mean Republicans hate brown people, they just don't like the system being rigged by immigration (this is obviously just one example, there are other points to it than that).

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if a high percentage of immigrants into the US vote Democrats, I can understand why a Republican or Libertarian wouldn't be too happy about masses of them being imported into their country via their taxes.

Well said, and this is exactly what's happening, which will invariably lead to balkanization, social conflict and civil unrest. It would appear at this point....mass immigration is the plan of the ruling class to use unwitting immigrants as pawns in the destruction of social cohesion in the U.S..

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Some people say racist slurs instead of discussing immigration.

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Yeah and fuck these people.

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Welcome! There are some entertainment, art, and culture subs but as you said they are much less active than political ones. I post some stuff to /s/music , and would like to get some of the other subs more populated, such as the gaming / books ones. I think one of the main reasons is that controversial / political stuff is being censored from the tech monopoly social networks, so people come to post it here instead.

I have many friends on the political spectrum (I try more and more to avoid using labels such as "right" and "left") and have many great discussions with them. We need all sorts of opinions so this place doesn't become an echo chamber. While it does seem to lean more libertarian, there are many different viewpoints here which I like. Anyhow, again welcome and hope you enjoy your stay here!

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I have many friends on the political spectrum

I mean... isn't everyone on the spectrum?

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Across the political spectrum, that is :)

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I also lean left and consider myself a progressive with old-left values. You might like many of my posts.

I despise the Corporate SJW Dems who have stolen the real left, as I despise the NeoCon Right - and there really is no difference between them. I also don't buy the Carbon Tax Scam or the Universal Basic Income Trap. Government socialism can work, but is largely corrupted and capitalism and communism have merged. Ground up alternatives and solutions like worker coops are the 3rd and only type of socialism I stand behind 100%.

I have yet to find any Nazis or far right extremists on SaidIt. There are conservatives who identify as right and alt-right. Though I mostly don't buy into their views, nor racism, racists have some valid ideas to be considered even if not embraced. Sadly, there are too many racists on SaidIt, IMO.

You should actually look into what you're calling anti-Semitism. Critically talking about a government (Isreal) or dogma (Zionism) does not mean you are criticizing Jews and Arab people, nor that you're racist or an anti-Semite.

There's no shortage of gamers on here, but I agree, there's not much discussion on entertainment or analysis of it. Yet.

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Ground up alternatives and solutions like worker coops are the 3rd and only type of socialism I stand behind 100%.

intriguing. examples of these?

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Did you get my private message from about a week ago? You posted on my sub, /s/FoundationGuide a while back, and I was just wondering if you missed my PM or if you weren't interested.

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/r/ or /s/? I'm sorry I have 233 messages I need to get through.

I've been creating a new SaidItron CSS for /s/Wikispooks/ - not done yet. I've made it very easy to swap out the duotone colours so any palette can be applied, as I intend to to with others. I also may tone down the vibrant purple of the dark mode, depending what Robin, admin of WikiSpooks thinks. The brighter it is the easier it is to see the differences.

I'm interested in too many things and don't do thing by half measures if I can help it. Sorry I'm not as available as I'd like to be. I hope to get to it soon. It's rare that I intentionally ignore anyone.

[–]Aureus 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (6 children)

Whoops, /s/. My bad, still getting over reddit formatting.

My message was basically "I think that we have a lot of similar ideas, and we're both interested in constructive ways to help regular people fix the world, rather than just watching it decline. Are there ways we could work together? Anything from crossposting on one another's subs to promoting content on outside platforms would be awesome."

To be specific, your interest in decentralization and self-sufficiency rather than reliance on megacorporations parallels with mine

[–]JasonCarswell 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (5 children)

I read it but wanted to respond properly, not half-assed. (I can procrastinate for lame reasons sometimes.) And now it's at the top of my messages, so here we go...

Thanks for reaching out. Love the Activism sub. It's been on my wish list for way over a year. I was not a Redditor, so I learned with my intro to SaidIt. I made a few poor choices for sub titles, but soon learned to collect a bunch of stuff to share in folders. The more stuff in them made them a higher priority, practically speaking. (A recent subs wish list for you to feel free to make or be inspired by. magnora got paranoid about me hoarding subs for power and made a 40 sub rule to avoid power-mods, even though I'd done absolutely nothing to deserve this limit. Other people bitched and the number, not at any actions. All I wanted was: 1) organized specific titles to post under and 2) the opportunity to make pretty themes and banners to enliven SaidIt. I have no aspirations to "moderate" anyone.) Activism is extremely important, but I'm afraid I don't come across content much to post there.

I just made my short list of faves list (without the conspiracy / deep state / politics stuff):

I just made this list into a multisub ( with all of these that you can copy and modify as your own.

Also, I don't private message much. I'm not against it but I have nothing to hide generally, and if it's in the open others have a chance to learn from the discussion too.

I haven't "teamed up" with anyone regarding anything other than creating CSS themes, /s/IdeasForSaidIt, and working on the SaidIt wikis. While you are only a month here, you seem legit, keen, and eager, so I've invited you to the White Owl thingy. I have yet to fully embrace it, but I recently had an epiphany and will soon post several ideas on it.

Currently I'm building a "SaidItron" CSS theme for WikiSpooks and will apply it to a few of my other subs, but in different shades. I also will overhaul my last-year's "Ergonomix" CSS for all those subs, plus I still need to make a few banners, and then un-mod myself from those subs I was invited on just to customize. I will also help one of the 2 admins, d3rr, redo the SaidIt mobile CSS, even though I don't have a mobile phone. Maybe we can design it like the SaidIt logo I designed last year.

May 22 is WikiSpooks' 10 year birthday. We have to do something for that. And d3rr and Robin (admin of WS) and I are determined to integrate ways for the separate communities to cross over, whether it's via code or forums or projects or whatever. I have some MAJOR ideas I've been discussing with Robin that I need to refine and edit down into something presentable. Please pressure me on this, before the anniversary. I can't get caught up in code and design shit for more than another half-week and miss this opportunity.

Another project of mine is my local, regional, and national Green Party. November we had elections and I keep meaning to bring those folks to SaidIt - but I need to customize the CSS first.

Beyond Saidit and WikiSpooks is my own trinity of projects that are my life's purpose. And, as you see, I'm EASILY distracted with a focus like a laser on a disco ball. Of all the things you can do to help me most, is pressure me on these projects. I started these interrelated project subs /s/GlossedAndProfound, /s/BittersweetSeeds, /s/Trutherism101, /s/TrutherTop20s, and /s/GlossedOver. Feel free to read what's there, though I've stopped posting there for a while. I've essentially temporarily paused all of them but one, the most important, IMO, and most likely to reach the masses, BittersweetSeeds. It's a cautionary story I've been working on for almost 20 years, and after several attempts to get it out of my head into a written form, I'm finally making progress, openly on this more powerful wiki and easier platform to present on (for now) than SaidIt: . All my other projects are secondary. I need to finish the first draft before September, my birthday, and I'll be pushing to complete it this summer. Sadly I've been distracted by this manufactured corona crisis. Once the first draft is complete, then I will share and ask for feedback, good, bad, and ugly to help make it better. When people actually understand the story, it's goals, and purpose, I can then invite folks to help however they like - and I can start to work on Glossed And Profound.

As I said, I need help to remain focused. Asking me about it now in then might be the kick in the pants I need. Correcting people on SaidIt can be helpful to them and the lurkers, but it's really not the best use of my time/energy. I really need to stop. Also, trying to keep up with the latest news is impossible, and there too I need to stop. Creating should be my focus. I am a professional animation director after all and haven't done it for too long (long story).

I don't know specifically what Reddit culture is like, but crossposting doesn't really require collaboration here to my knowledge. I just post where it fits best. I tried to help categorize subs into multisubs (in the wiki, abandoned) and such, but found few people interested. is very organized. magnora7 the other admin of SaidIt, for over a year has been talking about cross-sub where one post would be under several subs. They don't share with us what they're working on at the moment. Meanwhile they did add a new tab at the top for "Other Discussions" featuring the same linked content.

Again, thanks for reaching out. Sorry this is so long.

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First off, thanks for the invitation. That looks like an awesome sub and I'll enjoy contributing to it.

Because you said you really wanted pressure, here goes:

You're spreading yourself way too thin. No one man can singlehandedly run 40 subs on that many different subjects. I run two and I already feel challenged in coming up with new content.

I'm not saying you need to give up any of your interests, but you do need to focus on one thing at a time. Rather than trying to maintain several dozen subs, put your energies into just one. Alternatively, work on Bittersweet Seeds or WikiSpooks, since SaidIt has a "publish-or-perish" structure where even the best posts will vanish from sight in a day or two. Finish the content you want to finish, and then once you're sure of its quality, promote it everywhere.

All that said - you're still doing excellent work, even though it's somewhat scattered now. I wouldn't have reached out if I weren't impressed. Even if you keep doing exactly what you're doing you'll still be a big help.

Also: It's a little humorously ironic that, as a decentralization activist, your own efforts are so decentralized. It's also interesting and complementary that my personal project, /s/FoundationGuide, is about "centralizing" all useful information into a single book that will then be distributed freely.

[–]JasonCarswell 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (3 children)

I appreciate the feedback. It's very welcomed. I'm not one to limit myself to a few interests. Subs on SaidIt are not what they are on Reddit. Yet. Nor will ever be without the corporatocracy recognizing SaidIt and using it in common parlance.

I didn't come here from Reddit. I like things organized and I wanted topical subs to "file" my posts under. That's why I made them. Making a CSS and neat banners is bonus. I'd hand them all over or share them or whatever if anyone asks me to. I have less than zero interest in "moderating" anyone. And as far as filling them with content - I don't actively try to fill them. I don't need to find and come up with stuff to post. I just post when I stumble upon it. Maybe it's not the Reddit way, but it's my way and I'm not on Reddit. Maybe it's not even the SaidIt way either. But I'm free to be me on SaidIt (but only up to 40 subs :P ).

Furthering on the moderation issue - I think it's lame for people to rely upon the mods to moderate. People are lazy and want the "authorities" to handle the shit. For a better stronger community on SaidIt (not just individual subs), all people need to take responsibility and co-moderate the entire site. Call out shit from others when you see it. And in extreme cases call on the admins to ban trolls. The rest should take care of itself, IMO, and seems to.

" SaidIt has a "publish-or-perish" structure where even the best posts will vanish from sight in a day or two "

Ya, this has it's pros and cons. I don't know any different. I don't feel compelled to publish or to perish. It seems to me people will explore subs as the stumble on or subscribe to them. I'm often surprised when someone comments on a post that's a year and half old. IMO, SaidIt missed a great opportunity a year or more ago to actually lay down some rules about the subs and make this place more organized, for better referencing, researching, etc. The way Tilde does.

It doesn't help that I'm manic depressive. I might post a fuck tonne for 3 days and fade way back for 3 weeks - or 3 months. And have.

This week I managed to post some stuff AND managed to finish 1 almost 2 CSS themes. When done I apply it to a couple other subs too as I designed it to be super simple for anyone to customize. Finishing should be simple enough with focus.

I also have to focus on the May 22 birthday of WikiSpooks so I might pull back for a couple weeks. Thereafter, if I were smart I'd stay back and work on Bittersweet Seeds before September.

You made me laugh out loud at your profound insight into my decentralized decentralization thing. Sooo good.

There's a difference between "centralizing" and "aggregating" / "filtering" / "selecting" - in my mind if not on paper. SaidIt is a "centralizing" hub of information. Their stated goal is to eventually federate and decentralize and NotABug is helping them with that code. Hopefully, eventually SaidIt will be a hive mind of a hub that is distributed wide and far, potentially sharing the same aggregated content, but not all necessarily all sharing the same subs.

[–]Aureus 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (2 children)

I didn't come here from Reddit. I like things organized and I wanted topical subs to "file" my posts under.

This actually makes a lot of sense. I can see now why you run subs like that. In fact one of my biggest gripes with the Reddit post system is how quickly subreddits move, meaning valuable content gets buried by new posts in a day or two. Only posting the highest-quality content makes sense, although it does mean subs are a bit more like static pages of a website.

I often find myself longing for the old-school forum structure, where thread prominence was determined by activity rather than just newness and "upvotes". Truly contributive threads could stick around for years as long as they were active.

There's a difference between "centralizing" and "aggregating" / "filtering" / "selecting" - in my mind if not on paper. SaidIt is a "centralizing" hub of information.

I'm curious to know how you define the difference. These terms can get tricky though. In a neutral sense, "centralization" can simply mean putting things in a central place where they are more easily accessible (something I'd support). But in a negative sense, "centralization" can mean making members dependent on a system that's faulty or leaves them powerless (something I'd be against).

In addition, even though I like the term "decentralization", I feel like it falls short of describing the concept it represents. "Decentralization" seems to suggest a breaking down rather than a building up... it's petty, but I feel a term like "micro-centralization", "re-centralization", or "centralization for the people" would do a better job of describing it as an affirmative act. Not that I'm asking you to use any of those made-up terms, lol.

Also, feel free to let me know (or just take your time to respond) if I'm distracting you. I can take a really long time to write a comment sometimes as well, and it can eat into my time, so I completely understand where you're coming from.

[–]JasonCarswell 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)

ProTip: Mulitsubs - just view your favourite subs in one list.

After magnora7 had a meltdown and threatened to ban me I abandoned all my SaidIt projects for about half a year, and now it's coming on a year for some, including this project to categorize and multisub all the SaidIt subs for people convenience, at least as a starting point, from which they could copy and customize their own.

IMO, SaidIt has a golden opportunity to NOT be like Reddit and people should embrace trying new alternatives, even if they fail and return to the norms.

I agree with the old-forum idea too.

Centralized power is the enemy, because power corrupts absolutely. Aside from that meltdown for whatever reasons, I have yet to see any proof that SaidIt is compromised. Even still it does concern me that it's not a decentralized platform and the public has no easy backup, like WikiSpooks offers. There is no shortage of shit out there, and us SaidIt worker ants collect all the good stuff and bring it here - filtering the good from bad and aggregating. Call it centralizing or collecting or selecting or whatever if you want, and while information is power in a way, it's not raw power like authority or money. Information can battle information and while there may be winners and losers, there's also diverse views at odds that can still be perfectly valid yet contradictory. Authority cannot co-exist with other authority or it becomes a tribal war by economic, military, or other means like spy craft, psyops, propaganda, and 5th generation warfare.

I agree that our words like "decentralize" are limited. I'd prefer "distributed" but that has too many other connotations too.

I make no promises for prompt replies. Sometimes I do and sometimes not. The weekend is slow and instead of dueling wits in discussions I'd been doing other stuff - so my messages are still backed up, but not continuing to pile higher. In short, I welcome the dialogue. In the future I may be busy, but not distracted or annoyed - unless you say absurd things.

[–]JasonCarswell 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)

[–]lolugay 5 insightful - 1 fun5 insightful - 0 fun6 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

tip for not getting harrased leave arguements if they are going nowhere or they resort to name calling and such thats it you have they right to your opinion and no one can stop that

[–][deleted] 5 insightful - 1 fun5 insightful - 0 fun6 insightful - 1 fun -  (9 children)

I don't like that everything is politics, there's no casual entertainment, and also about those politics : there's a lot of nazis, far right extremists, conspiracists, racists and anti semites.

I know the feeling, I hope it grows so those people become a smaller portion of the discussion. It's really annoying talking about a certain unrelated topic and "the usual suspects" just keep dragging the discussion to whatever involvement they perceive the jews to have.

I think it tends to become about politics because that has been supressed for so long and many people are now letting it out. There should really be more content about cats and funny accidents, but the user base here is small and a lot of such content on reddit are reposts of people trying to farm karma anyway, something I don't really want to see here anyway.

[–]comments 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (7 children)

all entertainment has become politicized though, and the right-leaning guys weren't the ones to try to infiltrate it and do this in the first place

[–]JasonCarswell 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (6 children)

They've been called off to make them seem sane, thus generally pushing more people right.

[–]comments 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (5 children)

called off? I don't understand what that means.

[–]JasonCarswell 1 insightful - 2 fun1 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 2 fun -  (4 children)

The right used to be the crazy ones, especially the hard-line religious ones in the 80s. I expect many still are, very much. They won't be focused on anymore by the media who makes the narrative and "who's been called off". Further, now you get people like Tucker who used to be rabid in the 2000s turning 180 and being one of the sane compassionate ones now.


[–]comments 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (3 children)

I know there's a narrative that "aah religious people don't want you to play video gameeesss they're so craycray" but in my opinion their criticisms are for the most part pretty valid. People spend billions of dollars trying to influence the messages people see, it seems absurd to me to suggest it's not possible for the messages to have any kind of influence that might affect the direction of society as a whole, or have an impact on anyone besides the individual viewer.

I don't like being controlled, and I do think the narrative right or whatever you want to call them, seemed pretty controlling and not very explanatory about what they were doing. NOW I have lots of good reasons for why the things they were advocating make sense from a secular perspective, but all I had back then was "well the bible says so," and that wasn't enough for me, so I didn't think they had a good enough reason.

A lot of the "leftist" stuff now seems just overtly anti- well, anti-straight, -white, and -male, overtly so. I don't like it. It doesn't feel universally uplifting the way I thought the left was about.

[–]JasonCarswell 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (2 children)


There are 2 rights and 2 lefts. Don't confuse the corporate corrupted perversions pushed in the media and schools to the actual mainstream centrist libertarian versions. The old left still exists, but it's not promoted in this era of hyper-normalization.

[–]comments 3 insightful - 2 fun3 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 2 fun -  (1 child)

Where can I find this "old left"?

[–]JasonCarswell 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)

Good question. The infiltrators have corrupted so much of it, and many even call themselves progressives when they are anything but. I recommend the Green Party or check out many of my posts. I like to post old-left stuff except for the climate change carbon tax scam and/or scientism stuff. I think you'll also find a LOT of anarchists/voluntarists also lean old-left. There are some AnCap / Libertarian folks I might post on occasion but I usually find them too selfish and/or narrow minded to promote much.

[–]JasonCarswell 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

Sadly, the topics banned on Reddit, good bad or ugly, force the discussions here.

[–]bearcubs 4 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 0 fun5 insightful - 1 fun -  (11 children)

welcome. socialism = communism saidit (for now) = free speach Enjoy your journey!

[–]FreeJulianAssange 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (1 child)

Indeed lol. I'd even say most seem to think Socialism = Communism = Equals fascism. Somehow :D.

Except the fascists ofc. As they are totally against communism.

Like flat earthers debating hollow earthers.

[–]JasonCarswell 1 insightful - 2 fun1 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)


[–]GreenCappy[S] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (7 children)

Is socialism is communism then any right wing is nazism 🤦

[–][deleted]  (6 children)


    [–]GreenCappy[S] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (5 children)

    OMG I want to debate with you so much, you're such an intellectual!

    [–][deleted]  (4 children)


      [–]GreenCappy[S] 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (3 children)

      Saidit is a safe space for debate. Go back to voat or /pol/ if you don't like it.

      [–][deleted]  (2 children)


        [–]JasonCarswell 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child)

        Name calling is not allowed on SaidIt.

        Keep it up and you'll be banned soon enough.

        /u/magnora7 and /u/d3rr know about you.

        [–]JasonCarswell 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

        Socialism ≠ Communism

        [–]FreeJulianAssange 4 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 0 fun5 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

        Same here. Well I was not banned ever. But reddit is just corporate curated bs now.

        It is like this with a new social website now. You get all of the racists nazis and antisemites first. And they will be the large majority because they all got banned everywhere else.

        But it is a price I'll pay to tolerate this minority, which here is probably the majority. We have to be patient.

        [–][deleted] 4 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 0 fun5 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

        May I suggest a way of seeing politics? Based on the political compass and other observations.

        Left (centrally planned economy) vs Right (market economy) and Authoritarian (police state) vs Libertarian (individual freedom).

        Conservative, Progressive and Liberal tend to cause a lot confusion. So let's keep them separate from the above four terms. And let's replace Liberal (it kinda means status quo currently) with Centrist and view these three terms - Conservative, Centrist and Progressive - as a dynamic.

        Conservative is the old ways. In Russia for example, the Conservatives are the Communists, so calling them right-wing is misleading.

        Progressive is the new ways. Conservatives are wary of making change's to society and Progressive's think Conservatives don't care about improving society.

        Centrist is where the new ways (Progressive) get tried out. If they are successful after a period of time, they become the old ways (Conservative). If they don't work out society reverts them back to the old ways (Conservative).

        Repeat until utopia.

        Edit: typos

        [–]Chipit 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (5 children)

        The main problem is that leftists like yourself think that only your opinions are valid, and that this entitles you to censor and oppress others. You also have a bad case of psychological projection and tell others that they're guilty of your unacceptable thoughts.

        Say, why don't you implement socialism in your personal life? Show us all that it works.

        [–]JasonCarswell 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

        It's far from exclusive to the left.

        " You also have a bad case of psychological projection " - according to your subjective judgement.

        It just so happens that the MSM has swung insanely to the left recently, thus forcing normies and the Overton window right - intentionally.

        [–]Sal_Yodada 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (3 children)

        The main problem is that leftists like yourself think that only your opinions are valid, and that this entitles you to censor and oppress others.

        I see just as much of this from the right. Try posting something even slightly supportive of the left narrative on extreme-right websites such as Voat.

        [–]Chipit 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (2 children)

        You neither addressed nor refuted the point.

        You just did something very common among leftists, which is to ignore the whole thing and say "WELL EXTREMISTS DO THIS" while imagining that it somehow got the stink of blame off of you. It didn't.

        "Don't believe that every member of a group is as bad as it's worst 5 percent. If you do, you're probably among the worst 5 percent of whatever group you're in."

        -- Scott Adams

        [–]GreenCappy[S] 1 insightful - 2 fun1 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 2 fun -  (4 children)

        The Covid-19 death toll in the US is equivalent to one 9/11 every day. Do the anti-lockdown protesters know how many more personal freedoms were lost just because of 3,000 deaths 19 years ago?

        [–]Zahn 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (3 children)

        There seems to be a lot of inflated numbers for deaths, and it still hasn't surpassed the death rate for seasonal flu. If a person is immuno compromised they should quarantine themselves.

        And a prescient comparison you made to 9-11. You are aware how they permanently ransacked our freedoms as a result of it, yet the parallels to this financial 9-11 are not obvious?

        [–]JasonCarswell 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)


        [–]comments 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child)

        it still hasn't surpassed the death rate for seasonal flu

        there is excess mortality beyond what is expected from the flu, a disease we take so seriously that the entire population is encouraged to get vaccinated for it every year.

        [–]Zahn 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)

        a disease we take so seriously that the entire population is encouraged to get vaccinated for it every year.

        $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

        [–][deleted]  (7 children)


          [–]comments 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (6 children)

          /u/magnora7 /u/d3rr isn't this spam?

          [–]magnora7 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (5 children)

          Yes obviously. Removed

          [–]comments 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (4 children)

          I thought so too but I reported it with the button... twice I think? Nothing happened? Even for something obvious?

          [–]magnora7 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (3 children)

          It's a flag for the admins and mods to look at, not a removal button, it still takes a while to process everything. Please be patient.

          [–]comments 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (2 children)

          It usually takes a day or two to process reports, or thereabouts? It's just hard to tell if it's failed to go through properly or if it's still in the report queue.

          [–]magnora7 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child)

          Everything is going through, just be patient thank you

          [–]comments 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

          how long do I need to I wait before assuming the report's been seen? there's no way to know what's happening with reports currently.