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Welcome! I loved reddit back in the day when upvotes were in the double digits and you knew something was good if it got 1k upvotes. Then they fired Victoria and I went to Voat. Which was nice for about ten seconds. Then that site was swarmed by a bunch of hateful cowards that it wasn't worth visiting. Both reddit and voat are such shitholes now that even the tiny bits of gold are not worth wading through all that rancid slime. Yeah the numbers here are small. I like it here. The conversations are elevated to a mature level. You can easily spot the immature haters, they just get ignored until they go away. How did you hear about saidit?

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Naturally, I heard about Saidit from reddit. You may have heard about the quarantining of subreddits and the moderator removals in favor of "Mods Vetted by Reddit". I've watched what's happening with distaste and I figure, since this exists I gotta take a look.

Saidit just LOOKS NICE. There's a bright and cheerful vibe from the website. People seem much more positive.

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This website is growing, and unlike Voat, and hasn't been overran with racist schills/bots/sockpuppets plus maybe a few actual racists. So, this website is shaping up to be fairly promising. And unlike Reddit, no there isn't any brigading or mass flagging, at least not yet. So right, I'm actually finding this site to be more enjoyable than Reddit.

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That Voat statement is spot on. I feel pretty confident the posters are attempting to be edgy....... and yet I feel like I need to take a shower after perusing the site.

Nice username !

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I mean, it's not that I don't kinda like Voat. But then again, I don't get offended by much of anything. And one of the sad realities of the Internet is that edgy, rough, and vulgar sites tend to have a better view of what's going on than the sanitized, censored, and politically correct sites do. To Quote: "I speak the saddest words of tongue and pen, Now I know, /pol/ was right again".

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It's actually done to protect free speech. Every time there's a new influx of people on voat the old goats (me included) start a bit of hazing.

Once we get rid of the people who think they like free speech until they get called a 'kike nigger" as a term of endearment.. Then the conversation goes back to normal.

It's militant free speech. I just ignore it, generally.

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Haha. Welcome. We get about 120k pageviews a day, so there's some decent traffic, but we're still growing! Glad to have you here.

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Heya, and welcome. I've seen this site grow over the past year that I've been here and it's been a very cool thing to be a part of. Hope you enjoy your stay here also!

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Welcome friend!