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hi & welcome to saidit!

try using s/all or s/all/new and then the 'comments' tab to see the most active threads

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Thank you! That comments tab is neat; I don't remember that from reddit.

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So this is basically an ice_poseiden forum..?

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haha, i muted that sub a while ago, but yeah, if you don't filter, they prolly dominate. we also have incels, kotakuinaction, wpd, all kinds of reddit outcasts

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I welcome conjecture and observations that don’t align with the current social lan

I muted it too. That sub scares me lol.

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    misfit central

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    The Island of Misfit Toys.

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    Good on you man, we shouldn't support platforms or products that we disagree with. Welcome.

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    Thank you for the welcome!

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    I just like to be pro human.

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    fist bump!

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    I would love for the "pro human" crowd to start treating people like me excellently again.

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    Welcome to Saidit!

    This place is really quiet. I cant suggest any subs, just check the new uploads feeds and join whatever looks the most interesting.

    p.s. WHITE IS THE BEST!!

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    Thank you for the welcome!

    What are the "new uploads feeds"?

    White people are great! I wish more of them/us would remember that, sometimes. My involvement in pro-white stuff is somewhat different because I'm mixed, but with my fair skin, eyes, and hair, I directly experience harm from anti-white sentiment too. It's been bizarre seeing all the leftist rhetoric I always felt positively about supporting reverse -- suddenly "democracy" and "power to the people" turns into "the dangers of populism" and "we need to work to create a good world for everyone" becomes "If you want politeness from me I expect payment" and "you can't be racist to white people."

    Anyway, thank you for the welcome.

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    Oh! I meant "new tab" on the Saidit Frontpage.

    From there you can see what has currently been posted. You can even mute entire subs too!

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    Ah, thank you.

    You can even mute entire subs too!

    Neat feature! That isn't something I remember being able to do on reddit either.

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    Ew, a mixed kid

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    Welcome to Saidit! TIL about the "comments" tab too :)

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    Thank you for the welcome!

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    We need to stop thinking in terms of race. There is only one race and that’s the human race. There is no such thing as race scientifically speaking. Stop letting the ruling class divide us.

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    Stop sucking globalist dick. I don't want millions of Africans in my home nation. All races are not equal. We can be united, but seperate.

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    Thinking in terms of race feels like it's helped me a lot. I feel like I understand better who I am, and how I relate to others around me. I don't think it has to mean hostility, and I don't think pretending we don't have differences is the way to genuine friendship. I'd rather be among people like me, and I'd also rather have friendly and mutually beneficial relations with people who are different.

    We can be united, but seperate.

    Excerpt from a post from reddit that I liked (emphasis added):

    Remember the original Black Panther Party. Although the New Black Panthers are a black supremacist group, the original Panthers were black nationalists, socialists, and anti-racists. They monitored the behavior of their local police, worked with organizations of other ethnic groups like the Young Lords (Puerto Ricans), I Wor Kuen (Asians), and the Young Patriots (white southerners and Appalachians), and they set up free breakfast programs and community health clinics. The FBI did everything in its power to destroy this organization. What made the Black Panthers so dangerous is that they were not some kind of evil anti-white group. They were blacks who cared passionately about their people and did what they could to help them. As a result of the decline of the black power movement, many young African American men got involved with organized crime instead of political organizations. A big part of the growth of the Crips and the Bloods came from the decline of the positive alternatives. Black criminals are far less of a threat to the elites in the United States than smart, reasonable black identitarians.

    Needless to say, the situation whites find ourselves in is far different from that of the Palestinians and African Americans in many ways but here, I think it is comparable. The elites who are against white identitarianism do not want a moderate white identity politics to exist. They want all white identitarianism to be like the KKK or neo-nazism. They need us to be their villains. If it turns out that white advocates can be reasonable individuals who don’t hate anybody and just love their people (much like the advocates for most other ethnic and racial groups), they suddenly become far more difficult to demonize. They want you to be a hateful racist who calls for the extermination of other groups, uses slurs, believes conspiracy theories, and thinks other races are subhuman. That's all bullshit. You can love your people without hating any other people. You can be pro-white without being anti-nonwhite. Never let yourself turn into the ridiculous, stupid adversary they want to fight against.

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    Excellent read. Its suprising that I didn't even know what the black Panthers were like.

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    True fren

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    What is it scientifically called when there are major racial/ethnic group DNA differences like lactose intolerance and alcohol intolerance?

    Agreed completely that race is used to divide and conquer.

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    The examples you gave are actually not racial/ethnic DNA differnces. Tendencies, maybe, but not exclusive to those groups. Anyone can have those SNPs.

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    No, they're not exclusive, but they are definitely correlated with ethnic groups from specific geographic regions. I can pull some articles if you want. I'm just trying to understand this no scientific race thing, I've heard it a lot but don't get it.

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    Well said.

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    If you think it's quiet then create your own content. Don't complain nobody's doing it for you. It ain't that kinda website.

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    For others who've internalized this sort of message in the past, either about themselves or about others:

    I internalized the "just make it yourself if you don't like it!!" message for a long time, and I don't think the degree to which I did is helpful. I began feeling like I needed to take responsibility for every and all content and community that I wanted to see, and that's simply not possible for one person to do.

    There's nothing wrong with giving negative feedback, and imho, responses like this are usually not helpful. People who mean to give an encouraging, supportive, welcoming message inviting me to contribute what I have to contribute usually don't take this kind of tone. I don't think it's a cultural difference. I think it's just an off-topic ad-hom in response to a normal, appropriate, and expected post in an appropriate sub by a known demographic that's seeking an environment to speak without censorship.

    Do I think this person deserves my response? No. Do I think the people who, like me, internalized this kind of message and attitude towards themselves, and tried to take too much on, and expected too little from others who claimed to be offering them something, deserve a response? Yes.

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    You ain't on Reddit any more, honey. If you ain't seein' the kinda content you like, post it yourself. Don't complain it's too quiet.

    This site is what Reddit was before the Digg migration. Ever wondered what that was like back then? Well wonder no more. Go create a subsaidit and watch it take off. Be an influential moderator.

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    Hear, hear!

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    Hello to you too!

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    You are free to express yourself! If incels are allowed here, any ideas can be entertained freely. I welcome conjecture and observations that don’t align with the current social landscape.

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    Thank you for the welcome!

    After looking around a bit, it seems I over-estimated saidit's commitment to free speech. Trying to raise the quality of online conversations seems neat, and I like the voting scheme, but it seems inaccurate to me to represent this as a place that takes free speech that seriously. The "dragging discussion down the pyramid of debate" seems open to removing people for disagreement, and does seem to limit a lot of forms of legitimate human interaction, to me.

    I also feel uncomfortable with one of the creator's characterization of voat as a cesspit of some sort of racist whatever. I liked voat when I used to lurk and I was sad when I couldn't get information from my favorite subs there anymore. And it wasn't because I was some "crazy extremist," it was because it was one of the few places I felt I could actually get information and unapologetically white-positive content in an environment that seems saturated by what now looks to me like extreme anti-white-ism. Could voat be better? Sure, most things could. I do feel the characterization of voat as some sort of useless bizarre extreme is not really accurate, though.

    And I'm not sure whether you'd think it's a positive or negative, but there are indeed ideas that are not allowed here.

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    gosh it must be a real drag getting called to the carpet for every tiny little racist shite you say

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    I highly recommend you come visit s/Ice_Poseidon2, the best & most active saidit on this whole website.

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    its a fan club (or maybe hate club) for a specific group of online streamers, why would he be interested?

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    Maybe because he said that SaidIt looks quiet ? IP2 is the most active sub here.

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    Better than s/Incels OMEGALUL

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    are you a retard? I didn't recommend s/incels. You're recommending a sub meant for a very specific group of people, if I recommended s/incels I'd be almost as retarded as most men aren't incel, but he certainly isn't a fan of ice poseidon or his network of people. Not to mention, don't you guys hate newfags?

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    oooo, this should be fun, u/magnora7 I call 7 down on the pyramid of debate. For mr IP2 over here, go read a bit

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    ...said the guy who said "penis" in chat and is constantly calling people "retards" in every 3rd comment. Be the change you want to see in the world man

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    I don't see how the penis part is related. And I gave reasons his suggestion was retarded, he just ended the discussion with name calling and no contribution to the pyramid of debate

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    I'm just saying, don't accuse others of what you yourself are guilty of. If you genuinely want to raise discourse on the pyramid of debate, and improve the quality of the site, then act like it. Walk the walk, don't just talk the talk, my friend.

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    Sow the Wind


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    Still triggered LOOOOL

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    Thank you for the suggestion!

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    I'm tired of giving traffic to platforms I don't like.

    "Giving traffic", huh?

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    Welcome. Poal and Voat are other free-speech platforms.

    Have you watched this?

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    Thank you for the welcome. I used to lurk voat but I don't like that you can't see it anymore without creating an account. Same with gab groups. I haven't heard of poal before.

    Thank you for the link, I haven't seen that one before. The one that really felt like it sealed the deal for me was a video series summarizing CoC (I'd heard of the book but hadn't bought it).

    Bit of a rant following; I just haven't taken the time to try to talk to anyone else about these things in a while. (been trying, successfully, to improve my lifestyle which means less internet time) And for those who didn't read the comment below, my involvement in these things is necessarily more complicated because while I look white at first glance, I'm mixed, and yes, part of that mix is Ashkenazi. I don't want to intrude where it's not appropriate for me to be (places for white-only organizing), but I am bothered by what's happening and it does affect me too.

    I don't always know what to think of all these things, but I just get frustrated with most people in my life seeming to treat me like I'm crazy for questioning stuff or thinking things are weird or thinking what ethnicity governs the white peoples of the world matters at all or that it's at all worth trying to do anything at all about. I've watched my relatives be visibly moved over war movies and yet when they now have the opportunity to act, at least in speech or financial support, they find excuses about why London no longer being white is a good thing. Or they just don't seem to realize what's going on -- "what do you mean, 'when there used to be white people in Paris,' past tense?"

    I'm not very good at explaining things to people yet, I suppose, and I think it's important for me to have patience because it took me a long time to change my mind, too. I don't like the whole "pill" attitude about things -- if something's true I'd rather just be told and encouraged to judge for myself like every other thing, not scared or shocked into it as if I've been drugged. I know it's a reference to the matrix movie, but I still don't think it's the healthiest approach to take with people I care about and whose minds I want to treat with respect.

    Anyway, if you're white, best of luck to you, and please take care of your people and your homelands. It's important.

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    If you’re fed up with political correctness then come on over to ice Poseidon_2 on saidit. We hate “em”

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    Thank you for the suggestion!