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Why would they do that?

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I really wish I knew, which I why I have to assume this is somehow my own dumbass fault, lol.

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no, we are just ignoring you, for the 'vignte' bit in the titles that you post

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Yeah if you had read the post you would know it has nothing to do with that or saidit - seeing as how you didn't, I can only infer your sole goal is to be as abrasive as possible.

Upon that side-tangent however; I'm noticing the people complaining about the titles, aren't really much of a conversational loss.

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Shadow Banning should be illegal.

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Update: I tried the ipad/totally unrelated account (on the same wifi - as a primary test, given it failed, I now have to find a different connection to test on - probably tomorrow).

The comment appeared visibly for between 52 seconds and 3 minutes.

The only conclusion I can come to is that either: A) the channel owner is deleting the comments (which makes sense since they were obviously READING and hearting the comments at the same time I was posting) (which would be VERY odd since I am only suggesting something, which if I want to get conspiratorial - why would he be talking about 5 sided stargates and deleting my comments about six-sides?) or youtube is manually reviewing/removing based on my IP? (since it can't be based on device or "linked" G accounts).

Edit (for transparency): Self-upvoting "funny" to get this update "above" the post below.

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Sorry for having to repost this multiple times - I deleted the old ones. I had issues with the video uploads, but that was on me (video editing skills at 3am are not so good (or really, any time of the day I suppose, lol)) - unrelated to this:

Not sure why the video this post links to isn't showing up above, here's an embed

THREE accounts, including one brand new one made to test this hypothesis - THREE comments from three accounts, magically don't show up the second you sign out of the commenting account.

I show the first TWO in the video - and posted a third to try and inform the user. That comment received 3 up votes before apparently disappearing also. It WAS appearing upon sign out - but when I woke up this morning: no dice. Link to the imgur from the video

The last comment I made I know was seen was this over here which the host addressed in the next show (thus I know he saw it).

Not sure what's going on - as I said in the video description, someone will probably explain what is going on, how this all works and I will feel stupid and find out it's all my fault, but until then - this is seriously vexing.

Edit: I JUST uploaded that second imgur and now trying to open it is giving me "400 Bad request Your browser sent an invalid request."

What the actual fuck is going on here.

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Youtube has been fishy for awhile (as in not really explaining how they do/rank things etc, like the subsciptions and 'updates' not working as expected), this might be a new fase, I checked these two vids out and the first one had 0 comments and the other was was the newest 2 weeks ago.

I don't use google-accounts, have you searched for other people having this problem?

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I don't know what is going on but some tips;

You are recognised as 'the same peep' if your 3 different account use all the same number/IP and (even if those are different) you need to clean up all temporally internet data (if yo browser stores that sort of stuff) and cookies. (pretty sure that if on mobile you'll also need to spoof the IMEI number).

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I stopped caring about ip tbh they will find you no matter what

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That was what I was thinking (some what) - in that it appeared "IP specific". I'm about to test it by posting a comment from gf's ipad on her account on some rando video and seeing if it goes away too.

I thought at first it had to do with me having linked a few of my g-accounts, but after making the new one and trying with that (which isn't linked to the others) - it survived for a few hours then was taken down too.

Like, if it was automated it would have recognized "Boris Best" as from the same IP and just auto done it, but because it survived long enough to get upvotes, I wonder if it's being done manually (again, not by Florida Maquis, as he wouldn't have been able to pre-emptively ban my "A." account).

This kind of reminds me what happened when I tried signing up for twitter. I used my main email (the one associated with the youtube channel I posted my vid to) - sign up - sign in and ALREADY banned. This was twitters response. (Notice the time stamps from when I signed up and when they replied about me being banned. 3 minutes different.)

I haven't done anything to offend Florida Maquis - and unless he's banned accounts I never even use... then I don't know how this is happening.

Going to try your advice while I fiddle on the ipad now.

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I haven't read it all, just be sure that your gf ipads is on another wifi/IP ;) they take your router.

(Might, probably will) read it tomorrow.