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Ah. I misunderstood.

Yes and yet again you spin my words into a narrative that places you as some sort of victim instead of comprehending what I mean.

It is about time you corrected that oversight, since you are attacking me with very little understanding of the overall situation.

So you weren't confessing to trolling? And now I'm attacking you?

Its a bit like blaming the victim, for striking out after being beaten up.

Hey, it's not hard to understand what I meant, you keep misinterpreting my words to spin some sort of victim narrative; cool.

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So let's leave the arguing about when insults are not really insults, since I can tell that you want to consider yourself above that.

How about the second part of what I wrote? The bit where you inform yourself.

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Why? If you have problems with that guy You have your ways to do something about it. I had/have a problem with trolling and I addressed it.

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Because you don't understand the situation and as a result you are uninformed and ignorant.

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You want to drag in your other drama into my statement, and the escalated failing to grasp my message of "trolling is not encouraged".