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Insinuating I work with/for the FBI for apparently no reason: name calling

Politicians sometimes resort to “name calling” during political campaigns or public events with the intentions of gaining advantage over, or defending themselves from, an opponent or critic. Often such name calling takes the form of labelling an opponent as an unreliable and untrustworthy quantity, such as use of the term "flip-flopper".

And of course another insinuation out of the blue:

Don't you do your sleuthing thing?

Do elaborate.

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Insinuating I work with/for the FBI for apparently no reason: name calling

Oh, that's rich, given you said:

Trolling is never encouraged as it is by definition retarded.

which insinuates that you were calling me a retard, since I'd said that I trolled.

hypocrisy, anyone?

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Yes the act of trolling is retarded:

  • You read this as me saying "You're a retard"

  • I mean this: You acted retarded and this is not encouraged.

Reading Comprehension.

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The difference between insinuation and reading comprehension is...

Whatever the hell you want it to be, am I right, because god forbid you admit your own faults

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No you're not right and if you read it all back it will become clear:

You accuse me of a lot while I stand by 'Trolling is retarded and not encouraged'.

You try to twist my words every which way to either claim:

  • I'm personally attacking you and calling you a retard

  • standing above it all like it doesn't matter, while I actually try to minutely type it all out for you how I Think and why I think that about trolling

  • and now as someone with apparently no self reflection but with faults, because you don't know what 'reading something in the context' (reading comprehension) and 'name calling' (insinuating) are to the point of trying to compare the two while one is a skill and the other is a politicians trick.

I really thought I spelled it out clearly here:

Instead of making an argument (if there is any) for trolling, you went the "I'm insulted route and some other guy (again which I have nothing to do with) also did a bad thingie".

I'm not saying you are a retard nor am I saying you're always trolling I just (again and again) state my case against trolling while defending myself against your accusations.

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This guy has been harassing me for days and I have said, if not verbatim, almost exactly some of what you have said here. I told him over and over and over again I dont wish to debate him because of similar things you typed, and also my own reasons.

He will NOT go away and he tried to sick the site owner on me. (who said I was doing no wrong BTW)

The only thing you can do is not engage.

Good luck.

If you would like to see the thread and make your own judgments, Here:

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This clown called me a "liar and a fraud" in a comment, then created a post to do the same again. This is after he completely ignored the points that were put forth. He's bad news. I banned him (as I will anyone that calls me a liar without proof) then he went running to the site admin, just like with you. We need a way to mark these users so they are easily identifiable.

[–]IamRedBeard 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

Personal Tags would be nice. "This guy is just Toxic", right next to his name. Hate to borrow from Reddit, but it sure is handy. I was thinking about sending an Olive Branch but I read his history again and I can see that all he wants to do is fight and will probably take any kindness for weakness.

I mean - I love a good fight, when it makes sense. This guy came at with with arguments that threw me so far into WTF that a few times I thought he was replying to me accidentally. And then once or twice so ignorant and asinine and willfully ignorant I found him distasteful and cared not to go any further, and he'd badger me.

He will deliberately fuck with you and when you catch wise to his shit and stop playing his games he starts whining about the Pyramid.

And honestly, if you dont get along with somebody - you cut bait. Cut bait and go have a conversation elsewhere. Who goes and "Runs To Mommy?" or the fucking Site Creator?

Handle your shit like a man.

What an asshole.

What a baby.

Boo hoo

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Now there is a sub I would not like to mod.

Good luck.

A bit overly dramatic, but sure, you too ;)

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Do elaborate.

Piqued your curiosity, eh? ;-)

[–]Mnemonic 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (2 children)

No, just calling out your bullshit ;)

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BTW, I agree with what you do, and I appreciate that people like yourself are out there fighting the good fight.

Just saying.... :-)

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I know that you know, that I know. :-p