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" - [ A+++ ]" adds nothing to a headline other than to clutter it up, just saying. You obviously think it's great or else you wouldn't be posting it :P

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It turns out we're both wrong.

When I first arrived here I was more discriminating about what I posted. I only posted what I thought was top notch. Folks didn't seem to notice my discernment. Now I only post noteworthy, good or great A++ and sometimes really great A+++. Folks notice what they want to. I don't do it for the votes. I do it to spread access to the information. I'd be more enthusiastic about votes if there were 10 stars with an average, like IMDb, but one vote tells you just next to nothing. But it's all we got. We don't even know how many people have viewed it and passed on voting, like YouTube.

An enthusiastic vote is much different than a meh vote or a viewed-it-tick.

All this time I thought I could do a search for A+++ and go back and find all of them to add them to /u/d3rr's PeerTube. I just found out +++ is not searchable. I should have said Aces or something.

I know it's awkward but it fits my current convention. How do you suggest I improve on it:

Original Title Of Linked Content [With My Additions If Necessary] ~ Original Author - [ Dash to separate further and not confused it with the Original Author, with spaced brackets for my own commentary on the content, usually content details not in the title. If it's less important or links I comment under it. ]

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I would just suggest removing all personal commentary and letting the story stand on its own merits.

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I guess. Often I post to get my 2 cents in on it. Sometimes it sparks a conversation. If people read the comments I wouldn't feel the need.

Recently I came across the idea of posting them as text files with just the title, then putting as many links and show notes and comments as I like in the body of the text. No 300 limit plus I can edit/correct/add to it. I still haven't adopted it 100% yet.

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Kewl! Wasn't even thinking about that. Also there are a few A++, which really this one should have been. Maybe an A+ or two.

A+++ I used to, and still try to keep as rare. But it has to be great content, short and engaging, and great to look at. If it's not thrilling to watch, no matter how good I can only give A++.

This was to separate out all the great content A++ from the great to share with normies content A+++ to sell them on things they'd never normally buy into. For close relatives who won't buy in. So I had collected a LOT of A++ and quite a few A+++. Maybe to compile or whatever.

But I don't hoard so much now. And I've finally stopped trying to keep up wish SaidIt. You don't see it yet but I'm using my good hours on the projects and my off hours to surf and post. It only took 7 months.

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And I've finally stopped trying to keep up wish SaidIt. You don't see it yet but I'm using my good hours on the projects and my off hours to surf and post. It only took 7 months.


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keep up with SaidIt*

Almost addiction free.

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Want a internet bill of rights not net neutrality.

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