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No thanks, I don't want to give a government agency more power to regulate and control the internet. I've always been critical of this "grassroots" movement and group the "Neutrality" newspeak in with other acts such as the Patriot act, National Defense act, etc.

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Good point. What we really need is to remove the regulation that allows ISP monopolies!

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I'm not sure if you know what Network Neutrality means: .

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I do. I agree that the concept sounds good in theory, but giving the FCC the authority to regulate the broadband industry opens the door for future abuse. The internet is and has been neutral since it's inception, net neutrality is trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist.

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Would you agree that it is something that should be regulated by competition, not government? Because I like that idea a lot more than government regulation.

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Yes, I do. I also agree with your other post, that the regulations creating artificial monopolies need to be removed.

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The regulation is saying the ISPs can't discriminate upon data-type (to do so would mean they would have to look at the data or discriminate upon site/location).

It's like having the government saying that corporations can't bug your house, even though the (USA) government can do it willynilly because of the Patriot act.

The internet is and has been neutral since it's inception


net neutrality is trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist.

There are problems, only now ISPs can do this too: .

I see Network Neutrality more as the 'Human right act': by itself it doesn't do anything, but it can be appealed to.