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Lol, all that's left is windows and mac.

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I had Everything on my old Win XP. Never used it once. Uninstalled it for using resources.

I wonder if it would be worth trying again and making good habits with it. It would also be nice to have a good file manager and copypaste with logs and verification on Mint. I prefer my Win7 and TeraCopy setup.

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I used TeraCopy too but then I found out that sometimes it doesn't copy all the files so I switched to FastCopy.

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The new TeraCopy is poor. I use an older version. Need something like it for Mint. I hate when you have a large copy and something interrupts it and you have no idea how much was or wasn't copied or what you had selected (in the log).

FastCopy sounds good. I'll check it out.

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Linux alternatives to Everything

Okay, but what's the Linux alternative to Linux then?

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So an alternative to everything is three different ways to search for files?

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<insert "systemd as a linux alternative" joke here>

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Nice, have you tried any of these out?

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The problem I have with linux, is that in today's age its really only good for internet browsing, media stuff (barely) and server stuff. Never have I ever had to search for anything on any of my linux installs.

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Looks like you know nothing about Linux.

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I've been using it for years. I have used it for system recovery for decades now. As a general purpose user environment, it is worthless. For specific purposes, sure, its great.

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Have to say I use a windows PC for gaming, if Linux was better suited got gaming I would not need windows.

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I tried to use wine a lot, but it's ball breakingly hard to get it to work and in the end I have failed 80% of the time. One could say I just suck? But after a number of hours trying to run something that already works elsewhere, the benefit of time investment is zero. But it's not just games. I do media creation and program development and linux just can't cut it. Even office 2003 (which I use) does not compare to what is available on linux.

I got an intel nuc for my van and wanted mint on it so I could customise the touch screen layout for the car. The sound didnt work. I had to install the ubuntu kernel then manually set all the sound parameters to work through hdmi. It's just not efficient. But the customsiation was amazing for this application.

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Maybe just start tinkering something.

Then you'll probably start loving some of these projects.

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Nah. Admittedly, in many ways I like linux. Having flexibility and control over your operating system is great. But it just has no use for either gaming, or development, or media creation.

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Development mainly (at least) i strongly disagree.

Mostly underestimated imho is the fact that linux never was "meant" to be a desktop-alike system.

It was never built for dumbass shits snorting coke around the clock in the first place, so to say.

If you look back into history... especially the 90ies:

I interpret from it that it was more "designed" for "workstation"-alikes and "supercomputers".

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In the 90s as a user, linux had even less value. In any system that is not desktop designed, there will always be special software requirements that can be made from scratch. China spits out OS for every possible electric device around without linux. Yet I have a friend who uses it on all his custom commercial systems.

It was never built for dumbass shits snorting coke around the clock in the first place, so to say.

Maybe. But really, its all I can see it being used for today. Outside of special system requirements. People who just watch videos all day. Which is pretty much all we use my linux only computer for at the moment. It was supposed to go into a van.