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To answer just the title:


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Why just memory? I think speculation without any kind of test is more likely to generate the wrong answer than it is the correct one. There are endless ways to get it wrong and only a few to get close to the truth.

The big test, in my opinion, is whether those who are evolved are significantly more effective in thier efforts. And I don't see that as the case. Where are all the eddisons, Benjamin franklins, wozniaks, of the last 20 years? It seems to me that in the last generation we have regressed intellectually into a new dark age. We are easily fooled by counter scientific appeals to emotion such as critical race theory and gender fluidity. Instead of pushing technological achievements at an ever accelerating rate we are chasing our proverbial tail with nonsense, censorship, and mysticism.

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I don't know, let me Google it.

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Interesting read, the internet and short form articles have definitely decreased my memory and attention span.

I recommend the book 'The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains' by Nicholas Carr for more on this topic. Somewhat related, the 2005 novel Accelerando by Charles Stross explores the concept of offloading parts of our neural processing and memory to technology and is very prophetic as good scifi tends to be.

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    I try to literally zoom pictures in a book with my fingers and catch myself.

    So true. It happened to me a couple of times as well.