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I have had spectrum internet for 5 years, I pirate movies, music and other shit and as to date not had an issue with them

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Check out their Internet Acceptable Use Policy. Section 5: Network Management.

Spectrum uses a variety of reasonable network management tools and practices consistent with industry standards. In the event the periods of congestion necessitate such management, Spectrum has available the following tools and practices (without limitation and as may be adjusted over time): (i) Subscriber Traffic Management (STM) technology to temporarily lower the priority of traffic with the greatest impact on peak congestion

Then take a look at their TOS Residential Internet Services Agreement: Section 11/e Bandwidth.

They may have a filter on your IP. I'd call them.

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Start a local organization. Advertise with local computer stores, social media, etc for people in your city interested in starting a fiber network. Raise money to start an open isp.

It's been done before. Here's one example:

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It actually aounds like a router issue if you're on mobile. I have spectrum as well and haven't had many issues outside if my cable going out a few times but the internet runs great. We have a few options around me so if it sucked we could switch...that's a bummer for you

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Spectrum is Charter. Charter has always sucked. I'm lucky to have purchased property on a rural intersection, on a major state highway. I have three choices for broadband. One is a local fiber company that's backed by the local towns. It's weird. People only two miles away, the farms, and houses that aren't near anything, have none at all, at least for now. Location is everything. Did I mention that Charter sucks?