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This reflect bad on the overall 'internet culture', even tough it's usually a local problem that continues on the '"Social"'-media platforms the victims (also) inhabit. The peer-pressure of being on a specific platform or using a certain service to communicate is huge for children so unless they are from the bible belt or young-enlightened children are (even though facebook/whatsapp and I'm sure even instagram have an 13-year old age restriction) going to be present with their local 'friends' on these platforms.

The media either (and usually) portraits these platforms as 'good' and 'everybody uses it', "iew (s)he doesn't have facebook, what's up with that?" or as a pedo-paradise [Which is usually so over the top that even I frown my brows]. A normal discussion about it doesn't exist, it's only hype. We all know (I hope) to be careful around roads, but this kind of normal not paranoid caution is missing from the internet as 'normies' use and discuss it.