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Rottweilers scare the shit out of me, if i could chose between a Pitbull or a Rotweiler chasing me, i prefer a also German Shepherd can be dangerous and scary

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Yeah they all make me uneasy tbh. I can be friendly and kind with them of course, but I'm always on guard with them.

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when i was a little kid the neighbours across the street had 3 pitbulls, i never heard of it beign a dangerous race/breed. I did know they had a clamp in their jaw, so that after they bite the jaw is stuck and cant get loose, so thats kinda scare to hear but NEVER when i was with my neighbour that thought crossed my mind, i was +- 12-14 year and the dogs always where super frendly , they went crazy/cute wagging their tale like crazy when they saw yeh. one dude who also lived on that place had a black pitbull which he abused, he use to drop it from 1st floor out of the window or kicked the dog, and the dog NEVER was agressive to another person, but insted he was scared of evey 1, when you approach him he almost always shrink and started to pee out of fear. it was so sad...i wich i was older then

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That is sad. I've definitely seen pitbulls happy, and the owners do play a big role. But even with good owners, pitbulls can sometimes "snap" and get very violent, and they're extremely muscular and strong so they do lots of damage if they want to.

The chart doesn't lie:

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yeh oke but those statistics mean NOTHING because humans mostly/only uses Pitbulls to attack NOT other breeds

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Perhaps, but it's not just part of their training, but also their genetics because of the generations of breeding towards violent behavior.

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i dont believe that, i believe that physical you can adopt genetics but NOT mentally/behavour, its the same with people if your father is a ashole and you been braugt up without ever seen him you wont have his behavour...even sometimes when people are beign braught up with their ashole father then some times they stil NEVER want to be like that....thats also why Pittbulls in our country are never agressive or involved in attack or stuf like you mean, because they only experiance love and normal stuf on the street, not people who are scared and walk with guns and stuf and have their dog tense because they are tense themself, i read on article saying..... "That genetic defense has been a flop however. It turns out that “warrior genes” affect violent behavior only in the small category of individuals who grow up in extremely abusive homes. Children who are raised by loving parents are very unlikely to engage in orgies of uncontrolled aggression"...i think its the same with animals .

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NOT mentally/behavour

But they were literally bred for this purpose.

Like scent hounds have great noses. It's just natural selection.

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ps, i think you can feel or see if you have to be on your gard, dont know where you from? USA? In Netherland i never seen i heard about the stuf i see in other countries where people train and use their Pittbul to scare or attack people, so yeh in that case it would be wise to be on your guard and look for signs and also look at the owner/person who walks the dog

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They just can get carried away very easily by their own emotions. My sister's pitbull tore out the eye of her chihuahua when they were playing and things got too heated. They're just prone to getting "carried away" by their violent emotions more than any other type of dog

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maybe the chichuahua had it coming, those little anoying dogs can be very irritating, and dont realize the danger their in, but you right when a Pitbull snaps its much more dangerous then when a chiuahhauhahhawawa snaps, but that also counts for Rotweilers or German Shepherd etc, but when a pitbull snaps it will almost only happend to another dog not to a person, AND i think if something like that happends the dog must have a background/negative experance or some, and in that case its the owners responsability to make sure those things cant happend/be prepared...and again- I BELIEVE YOU - but i never heard this stuf happend in my country, also on Dog programms i watch on tv like the Dogwispherer and Pitbull and Parolees they NEVER had a pitbull that snapped after its been rehabilitated..........psps 1 frend of my had a frendly Rotweiler but his brother gave it Creatine or something anabolic stuf for bodybuiders, so the Rotweiler was very heavy, once we went swimming in the lake and the dog went in the water comming towards me and swom right over me pushing under like i wasnt there....but he was very sweet dog to

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After seeing these stats, I will never even consider owning a pitbull.

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i even diddent read the stat, the only reason Pitbulls have a higher stat is because People only use Pitbulls to train for killing and stuf, if they did the same with another race and the same quantity you had the same result, Pitbulls are 1 of the most forgiven and frendliest dogs