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Inequality is a good thing. I don't want to live in a world where everyone is equal.

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Some inequality is ok. Ridiculous inequality is not okay because it harms economies and cultures and impoverishes millions.

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Socialists want me to know they are my moral superiors because they insist it is the only moral system. I bet they feel great about their moral inequality.

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Everyone thinks their system is best, this is not something unique to socialists

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But only certain special "everyones" insist they are morally entitled to force me to participate in their system. Socialism is authoritarian at every level.

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I agree, but socialism is far from the only type of political system that leads to authoritarianism.

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Socialism doesn't "lead to" authoritarianism. Authoritarianism is embedded in Socialism's implementation, and explicitly its end goal.

If you're implying "but Capitalism blah blah Imperialism blah blah" then fuck you. Free enterprise is entirely voluntary from top to bottom in the context of a Libertarian society. No force is required to cause any individual to do what serves their own best interest, assuming they own their own bodies and the liberty I believe all humans deserve.

Don't ever assume that America is a Capitalist country. The actions of our government are hostile to Capitalism, Free Enterprise, and Individual Liberty. I'm eternally frustrated by the lack of discussion on how to fix that without killing millions of people.

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Authoritarianism is the result of many political systems... I can point to many historical examples of authoritarian governments that aren't socialist. That's all I'm saying.

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If you watch the video, then I'll be satisfied with our exchange here. Hopefully you'll understand where I'm coming from.

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Capitalism cannot exist without socialism.

Taxes that pay the government and police and military that enforce the capitalism are entirely socialist. They claim to "protect" you but won't protect your health or education or rights to shelter, food, and work while civilized countries would.

Socialism cannot exist without capitalism on some level, whether it's the individual level, business level, community level, or state level.

More balanced countries are more stable and happier, but they are far from fair and "equal".

All governments are authoritarian to some degrees and feature socialist and capitalist elements to some degrees.

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Taxes that pay the government and police and military that enforce the capitalism are entirely socialist.

I don't entirely disagree. To the extent that they are "Socialist", we ought to do what we can peacefully diminish their power in society.

Everything else you wrote is bullshit commie propaganda, so I'm not investing any time to rebut it.

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Depends what you mean "Socialist".

Capitalism needs some balance. Democrats are not that, nor are their brainwashed SJWs. Serving the coporatocracy/technocracy (NeoCons/Globalists/Zionists/Freemasons/NWO), they are merely pawns sheep herding the left-leaning masses into their delusional Hegelian dialectic.

Those "socialists" can go to hell for all I care.

Everything else you wrote is bullshit commie propaganda, so I'm not investing any time to rebut it.

Because you can't.

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yeah, i dont want to be as good looking (or ugly as you)🤔😱

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No do I want your male-pattern baldness and microphallus.

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your WRONG twices.......🙄🧔

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The vast majority of humans have a penis. Do you not?

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eehhh yeh but no but yeh but no but google translate says microscopisch/ now im confused, not about my penis but about "microphallus"

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okay. are we good? or do you want to insult me?

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only if you want me to!?...but serious idg

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Not really, but I thought it was really nice of me to offer. Sometimes people come up with clever insults, which can be very entertaining.

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i like to joke around,or others to do so,but im not as clever as others sometimes are, but i think im funny sometimes, but then it seems/looks like im the only1 who thinks so, well atleast if i can make myself laugh its good for something i,its also sometimes difficult to see-on internet-if some1 is serious or not,then i think they make a joke and i make joke back, but then they were serious oops 😮😕🙃, so prob best to take time to get the know people first and be sure they can handle it/take a joke before you get angry people for no reason/intended insults,if you know what i mean

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OHH wait "Inequality", i had to translate that,so thats a bad thing and The Netherlands are at nr2? WTF....i do know there`s a new Dutch TV show starting about 1 million people beign poor,so thats about 1 for every 17 people

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Yes I was surprised to see the Netherlands on the list. I also find it interesting Denmark is so high, when Sweden and Norway aren't even on the list.

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yeh, i wander how correct the list is,as i say in 1 week theres a new programm on TV about "poor"dutch people, they say 1 million are living in poverty, BUT i have because of problems (physical chronical leg injurys+no school education,some mental stuff in my head etc.)living on "UB40 ehh coverment payment-i cant find the correct translation)but on the lowest income and i have NO debt,never have and can buy food and have some left to buy other stuff,and ones a year we get"vacation money-they call it"and i use that to buy supplements/medicine/incence etc.stuf i need true the year(and lay whats left away for emergency), so imo the people who are living in poverty done this themself, mostly they have a smartphone with montly subscribtion,a car or they smoke/and drink etc., maybe in a rare situations you can get into trouble, but for everything there is HELP here, you can even get into a programm- when you have to much debt you cant pay-then they clear your debts and you have to live on 70 euro a week for 3 years,but after that your free of thuosands euro of debt you had, so i really like to see these new TV show, because maybe im wrong, but i bet im not

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Kinda grotesque how this chart matches up with the chart about countries producing and selling most childporn.

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This is obviously misleading. The US GDP is far greater than any other country in that list. The 21% of wealth held by the lower 90% is a very substantial amount of money. I suspect this chart was chosen specifically because it looks unflattering in isolation. If you actually look at place like Brazil or South America, you will see what real wealth inequality looks like; what we would consider middle class people have to worry about kidnapping and extortion, and live in houses behind concrete walls line with barbed wire, while the middle class in America routinely leaves their doors unlocked and live lives free of fear.

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while the middle class in America routinely leaves their doors unlocked and live lives free of fear.

Nice joke. Not sure where you're living, but this isn't true at all in most of the US.

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Short of the part you site, the rest of it is somewhat accurate. 3rd world living is something to get used to, and it's coming to the US faster than I'd have imagined.

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Are you one of those "concealed carry" guys, by any chance?

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No. But people don't leave their doors unlocked in the US anymore, even in smaller towns.

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WE ARE AT NR 2🙋‍♀️😱🤡, is that a good or bad thing?🤒