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For your convenience I'm copying Reference #19 (it's not really a citation because I can't point you to my email):

" On 2016-08-19, I, User:JasonCarswell, simply added "allegedly" to the police statement on the Wikipedia article. It was promptly reverted. On 2016-11-05 I received an email from "Walter Bubien". It wasn't until 2017-02-15 that I replied to that address about how I had posted this testimony here. He has not responded nor contacted me again further. His email opened with, "Jason: I tried to post on 11/04/16 and 11/05/16 to the "talk" page of where you also commented. My post was along the lines of your post. Tried twice and it was taken down twice in a few hours. Maybe you can get it posted to that page, and get it to stay there. Copy of my post is as follows:" I knew it wasn't going be accepted on Wikipedia as I had my own problems and was banned for one year from December 2016 to December 2017 for being "another polite truther". I took the liberty of editing and improving his paragraph and posted it here. More details are available upon request. "

If anyone is interested I can forward them these 2 emails mentioned under Reference #19 - his initial email and my response (there are no more) - as long as you promise not to spam or harass Mr. Bubien - or me. Feel free to ask him questions but don't be a dick. My email is not a secret and you may correspond with me too, but I don't check it often.