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Hello InfoGalactic, what nice organization of information you have. Let us swap bits and spread uncomfortable truths across the lands.

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"Nice"? I don't know about that. (Me being the eternal skeptic curmudgeon.) Their organization is hardly transparent much less responsive. Most of their content is outdated Wikipedia copies. And of their original content most is alt-right and I can't say whether it's good or even accurate as I haven't read any of it. Further I haven't even added citations to all of my own content there. "Nice"?

But it is uncensored, mostly very responsive and quick (unlike sloooow Wikispooks), and you can do your own projects with their powerful wiki.

So, ya, I guess it's nice. It's faaar better than nothing and it's fun to work/play on, but it's got a ways to go before it's "great again".

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That image is not from InfoGalactic, but it is a linked article image of the Boeing X-37, used in the Navy's secret space program.