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Ha, I found you again!

You god damn athiest bastard!!! I gonna git youuuuuu!

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Ha. You found me. In fact, you found me before I got to finish this day by posting this cross-platform project to the Galactic Boardroom.

FYI, I've updated my "atheist" status to "atheist/agnostic". I still believe in Natural Law. I still don't believe in any moral God. I still think the Big Bang may have happened. I'm willing to believe there may be a grand creator who personally cares as much for me as you care for a single bacteria riding the next big hard turd you're gonna tear up on trying to push out. I also believe there's a chance we're all in an extremely advanced simulation. I don't know what religion that would be. Why the Hell not? But mainly my shift from "atheist" to "atheist/agnostic" is due to my broader exposure to Scientism and a deeper understanding of the Pedophocracy and the need for some morality, whether from religion or the fundamentals of Natural Law, because we need all the help we can get. I'm all for a separation of church and state, but even WAAAAAY more important is a separation of banks and state.

I never left InfoGalactic. You can git me there. Unless you mean "git", in which case I'm already an open source open book open project kinda guy. MicroSoft bought GitHub and it's only a matter of time before GitLab and the rest get corrupted too.

So if you're gonna git me. Should I just ignore you till you go away again?

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Git schwifty.

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I was sooooo close to making a "Canada" sub in addition to the inferior "canada" sub. Just to protest lazy poor grammar.

So you may wonder, why devote a whole sub to something that could be discussed in a post?

Because a sub won't get buried in the news cycle.

If/when people write articles, lists, etc on InfoGalactic that they wish to publicize and/or discuss and/or get feedback on them, they may do so here. Just as there might be subs for Steemit, Minds, etc.

In the side bar to the right in smaller text you'll find the following outline/description for this InfoGalactic sub :

InfoGalactic is a free and uncensored wiki project, with a deep-linked encyclopedia mirrored (copied) from Wikipedia to be forked (evolved) by customizing articles and adding new content, and original wiki-based sub-projects. IG was started by Vox Day, alt-right author of "SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police".

As an anarcho-progressive atheist Truther they let me do my things uncensored in my corners of the wiki. I know that alt-rights, progressives, and truthers all have MUCH more in common that most know. I've only ever had a problem from "User:Froglich" but he goes away when ignored.

I started this SaidIt sub to focus on articles that aren't on SaidIt for a while then forgotten after a while. SaidIt is as wonderful for uncensored news as InfoGalactic is wonderful for uncensored articles, lists, documentation, and their temporary troubles hosting images seems long past. I have no affiliation nor commitments to them other than they let me do my thing there uncensored. So I invite you all to join and contribute as you see fit.

I'd love add your articles and projects to the following list to evolve it into something less about me and more about "we".

For example I've started or written most if not all of these work-in-progress articles: (a very messy, scatterbrained, and incomplete article) (Zoon Politikon)

I also write/maintain a lot of Open-Source and Decentralized Web articles.

Further, they let me do non-encyclopedic wiki projects that I'm coordinating with our interactive SaidIt community too:

TrutherTop20s on InfoGalactic

TrutherTop20s on SaidIt

SaidIt covered on InfoGalactic

InfoGalactic covered on SaidIt

InfoGalactic 'community' on InfoGalactic

Does SaidIt have a central square/tea room?

I'm still working on these projects: (This is next week, my big project.) (delayed indefinitely when they had image hosting issues) (delayed for more pressing projects)

If you know of better alternative solutions to Wikipedia and InfoGalactic I'm all ears. is one I've got my eye on and wonder if it will live up to its promise or be another trap.

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I was all set to do a different sub this week, but I've has such tremendous feedback and overwhelming support to my Truther post, and even /u/useless_aether responded that they're waiting to be confirmed into the IG club. So I started a response to inform u_a about IG and I realized that I should just start a new InfoGalactic sub to more publicly discuss this free and uncensored resource (though with some legit concerns too). This was my response to u_a that I hijacked before sharing to relocate here...

Vox Day = alt-right

InfoGalactic was started by Vox Day, alt-right author of "SJWs Always Lie", which I always thought was a poor title, until I found out the full title that I wish they would always use, "SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police". It does make a difference.

Personally, as a anarcho-progressive atheist Truther but they let me do my things. Being left-leaning on an alt-right wiki I've had almost no conflicts. Some of the alt-right guys are religious and want to change all the BCE back into BC and all the CE into AD. Whatev.

Community <=>~ 0

It's almost identical to Wikipedia in most ways. However, compared to Wikipedia culture there are a few things you may wish to consider doing differently. I put all the stuff usually found on a WP draft or a WP talk page (ie. To Do lists, etc.) directly on the actual article, not to be missed, as no one uses the "discussion" pages, and so few people even visit IG anyway. Another good place you might want to discuss with the most potential eyes, is their variation on a "tea room" commons discussion, but as you can see the conversation has REALLY died down to being almost non-existent with me occasionally bleating something to no one. There is no social or community to speak of.

Activity <=>~ 0

You can really see how inactive it is by how little activity there is InfoGalactic:

Seems like if you set it to 500 changes in the last 90 days it still only gives you 5 days:

Upload images

In the left margin below the logo is the "Upload file" to add images. You don't need to fill out the copyright stuff but I recommend doing so if you can. Include your information if it's original content. At least include a link to where it came from. Their copyright tools are sorely lacking. Further still, WARNING: they transferred servers and somehow lost a bunch of images. I don't know why or how. So be aware you're images may be in peril at some point. I hope they've resolved it.

An example of an article I wrote about a Burning Man book/DVD project I worked on, and I have to re-upload my images:

Import Wikipedia articles

Almost every article is a copy from Wikipedia that was once new but is now likely out date by 2-3 years. If it seems like it needs an update, you can click on the left margin under the logo "Special pages" and lower down on the right is "Import pages". This also applies to newer content on Wikipedia that may not have been there the first time it was crawled. I have no idea if they ever intend to make an update bot. I never get feedback on my ideas and suggestions.

One important thing before you "Import pages"... make sure it's not an InfoGalactic "fork" or even an original article where someone has edited the old WP content and built upon it. Do this by checking the history of the article to see how much activity or "history" has occurred, and if there are only two entries, one with the name of the last WP user and their version, and an entry from the bot or person who imported it.

Diverse viewpoints

If you come across alt-right, SJW, or corporatocracy content that you may have a differing perspectives there are options.

For something small just insert your own paragraph(s) explaining your perspective, and feel free to label their perspecives.

For example, my additional paragraph:

I changed the previous section title to "Death (according to the "official" Wikipedia version)". I had put "alleged" in the Wikipedia article which was censored out, but that had prompted his neighbor to email me with the real story. I don't know how to cite my email, but I cleaned up his grammar but remained true to details and intent and included it under "The Actual Circumstances Of Cooper's Death". Something few people probably know about. I can't verify if the email is legit, though I don't know why he'd lie, but I can share it.

Some alt-right folks want to purge all SJW/MSM content from IG, but I think this is stupid. My solution, also endorsed by some, is to keep the MSM WP articles but LABEL it's biases in a "hat link" at the very top and create your own article with clearly labelled hat links indicating your perspective - and let the reader decide for themselves.

For more than 2 differing perspectives a neutral disambiguation page may be in order to allow the reader to decide for themselves what kind of spin they wish to digest, and all redirects should go there.

For example, the "Chomsky (disambiguation)" ( ) features:

Noam Chomsky (born 1928), American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, political activist, professor emeritus at MIT.

  • Noam Chomsky (a conservative perspective), sees Chomsky as supporting communist totalitarian regimes and all their evils.

  • Noam Chomsky (a liberal perspective), sees Chomsky as supporting socialist corporate Democrats despite all their evils.

  • Noam Chomsky (a truther perspective), sees Chomsky as a gatekeeper, limited hangout, and government lifetime actor at MIT.

  • Noam Chomsky (a Wikipedia perspective), with the "official" narrative bias of corporate media.

For a 2-sided perspective you might compare these pairs of articles, and take note of the top opening hat link statements. (alternative version) (Wikipedia version) (alternative version),_official_narrative (Wikipedia version)

I didn't do too much for that Pizzagate article. I think InfoGalactic might have been humming more back then. I started the Russiagate thing and assumed some of the alt-right guys might continue it but it seems not. Further, now that I know the Democrat story is bullshit, I've also learned the Republican story is bullshit, and The Antidote and that other thing I posted this week are actually digging up the dirt. No one in those high levels does not have global connections, much less with Russia.

Promotion + Truth

Wikipedia has policies that forbid anyone from advertising, promoting, or having you edit your own page, or having friends do it for you. If you are famous enough to have a Wikipedia page and they have the wrong information with citations, no matter how obvious, it's not supposed to be changed without a new citation. Getting friends to do something is forbidden, as is teaming up to form action groups. (Hypocritically ignoring their mobs of thug admins.)

InfoGalactic is the opposite, and encourages such things, as long as they are properly labelled, not slanderous, and as long as they are true from your perspective (ie. leftist, alt-right, anarchist, WP view). So promotional material is permitted and should be labelled as such.

I may add more stuff here as it comes to me.

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a very helpful intro, thanks for posting!

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This looks like a pretty good system for multiple perspectives! Thank you for linking it!

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The InfoGalactic logo has an all-seeing "I".

Also, an eye.

Plus a Saturn.... A Christmas Saturn?

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Ha. I never gave it any thought, other than it's adequate but not a great logo. While it's interesting it's hardly proof of anything.

This is an incomplete archival of my old website:

I designed everything myself. My logo was an iris of an eye. Because I did graphics of all sorts. Illustrations, paintings, graphic design, art directing, and mostly animating TV commercials, and other stuff. It was easier to show the eye than have a hand trying to do all of those things. If I was a musician or DJ I might have used an ear for a logo. Or something like this:;_800%25_Pixel;_400x400.png I was never into skulls or grim shit before but in 2008 I was at a Soundwave weekend beach camp rave in Tofino, north of Victoria BC. They had a shitty logo with a Jolly Roger with headphones and I figured I'd make a few versions and give it to them to replace their ugly art ( ). I knew about Skull And Bone back then but I also knew about Jack Sparrow, P2P Pirates, and a lot of other stuff. Here's the best part... I never got around to sharing my designs with them (as my life was falling apart back then).

I'm not Illumaniti no matter what anyone says, but I'm willing to sell out and join for a modest fee.

I haven't checked in with my old store since about then, 2008. I don't know if they owe me or I owe them, but at least soem of the images are still there.

Just my old logo:

My favourite shirt design with my logo:

DJ Buddha:

DJ Buddha fancy blue:

DJ Buddha fancy brown:

My Burning Man nickname was Sunshine, and I was well wicked (like the Beastie Boys, not like Bohemian Grove). More precisely I was a wicked sunshine disinfectant against corruption, as the Wage Peace section of my old site attests:

" Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman. " ~

For Xmas, a Santa design:

A bittersweet trip down memory lane, lined with gutters of junk.

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The sights on memory lane always looks better in the rear view mirror.

BTW: I like the budda design. Contortionist Santa is funny too. :-)

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He had to contort into a heart shape.

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Twisted love. With a giant Santa dong.

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So I just learned on the propaganda "History" Channel show The Curse Of Oak Island S06E06 that the pirate flag with the Jolly Roger skull and crossbones is actually representative of the Templar Knight Order's patron saint, John The Baptist, who was beheaded according to legend and scripture. When the Templars we forced to disband, many disgruntled then became pirates - same occupation, different title. So it was originally a Templar symbol before it was pirate symbol, or a Yale "Skull & Bones" symbol. Not really a surprise. The Nazi SS used it. Now some military units and/or mercenaries have it, or variations of it, on patches.

I actually like that show despite myself. And I know the "History" Channel can be trusted as far as you can throw it. Find me a way to get a good grip on it and I'll try to throw it in the trash can (except that show, it's good timesuck/background noise).