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I admire the possibility to listen to a foid.

How do you niggas feel about high iq femoids?


I came to my job at risk advisory, most of the team are foids and by speaking to my manager (guy) I learned, that tasks he gives me (after a week) they were given after like 7 months of working. They cannot code, they still use excel, while I am doing it kinda easily. There is no such thing as high IQ foid and I am not even exaggerating.

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High IQ foids aren't necessarily bad, but I'll tell you the horrible truth: nerdy foids are bad. Because they are particularly picky, bitchy and degrading towards male nerds/incels. Naive airbrain Stacies were never as bitchy towards me as these pseudointellectual foids.

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Excellent observation. Those foids despise nerdy guides even more than the low-iq foids.

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I had to look her up. I don't see what is high-iq about her and frankly those soft sciences were invented so that foid "academics" can thrive. She isn't even hot to look at.

If you want to read some philosophy check some Nietzsche or Evola or Orwell or something.

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Read some philosophy books, lowiqcel.