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I like latinos. I think they're better than blacks because they look like human beings and they're better than whites because they are nicer. My favorite races are indians, asians, and latinos. We have a similar incel culture that I appreciate. Blacks are too low iq and primitive and whites are too vicious and female controlled. I think we can learn a lot from the american natives. They really knew how to live. Think about how fun life would be if instead of getting hazed by niggers and raped by pedo teachers in school for twenty years then working on some assembly line getting slowly killed by asbestos poisoning you could roam the plain and pray to the great spirit. Damn you anglos really fucked up.

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My post was satire I'd love a qt3.14 4'7" latina gf with a skinny frame and chonky booty to feed me her taco and then make me sammichangas

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Make taco yourself.

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Ok gas all the beaners then.