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they just fuck their boss for their positions none of these bitches are anything more than diversity hires

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What are these high IQ jobs that foids excel at?

If you are talking about successful professionals, these foids want a man who is not only a chad, but also makes more than them and has a better career. The problem (for them) is that this kind of man prefers escorts than fucking an old hag who thinks that her salary is worth something when a man is looking at her naked body.

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What are these high IQ jobs that foids excel at?

Medicine. But it's a real problem because it's very expensive to create more doctors, and if 60% are female it's very inefficient since they all work less hours, want to be general practicioners instead of specializing and also stop working when they carry the children of a male doctor who specialized and therefore earns more, making it smarter for the female to retire.

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I admit I have met a few female doctors and were pretty articulate and you could have an intelligent conversation with them. They were older though, like 40+, though pretty hot for their age, and single. Hot enough for someone of a similar age with an even better income? No, I don't think so.

Frankly if you are a successful doctor with loads of money there's no reason to get married to such a candidate. You can escortmax all you want and even find a trophy wife. Divorce rape is real, but at least you should enjoy it.

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divorce rape

This is the only reason for rich men to go for these women. If they are rich themselves, they can't steal your stuff.

But I predict that your argument (why marry rich career woman when you can get cute submissive pleb who actually has time for you because she doesn't work all day) in combination with the fact that more women then men graduate will eventually be used to convince even normies that promoting men in higher education is actually benefitial for everyone. Don't forget that men just work harder (more hours) and are more ambitious, but I don't think this will be allowed to be mentioned.

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Betabuxx isn't real

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i don't think they would be ''high iq'' jobs, they are just jobs that require you to go to university and dedicate time, which isn't hard for foids since they live in tutorial mode

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In an ideal world only people above a certain IQ will graduate university. But for many foid degrees this is not the case. But if your profs aren't corrupt, the average math-grad will have much higher IQ than the average janitor.