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Anybody have good experiences with therapy? I tried it for the love of my parents but for me it was the same: Just empty platitudes given to me by a professional bullshitter.

Should I look for a better one or is it just trash everyhwere?

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Therapy is a bluepilled cope, it doesn't fix your height.

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i did once i was a kid it didn't help me with shit.

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No, They are more interested in fulfilling quotas. Maybe thats just due to the therapist I saw was a foid and there could be "good" ones out there, but Im not sure if there is a real standard to compare it to.

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Therapist = The rapist of your money

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I tried everything so I am assured problem is not in me

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All the "mental"-doctors givin all the information to the feds.

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lol i remember someone got literally arrested because his therapist snitched him, even though he didn't say anything specific about what he was going to do.

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It can be good to talk to someone but you have to watch what you say. Like don't mention you are incel because they will be on the phone to the FBI right after you leave their office.

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Yup, they datamine you, they are fucking rats. A couple months ago someone got arrested for being honest with a therapist. they are fucking joke. i have no doubt if you suggest you are an incel they gonna write that shit down and you'll never get a job in your life

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it's already probably a bad idea because you won't be able to get a gun, which I'd agree mentally ill people shouldn't get one but their defintion of mentally ill is off, incels are just depressed based on reality.