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yep both ways. i cuck people and also get cucked. i haven't done the latter in a while tho.. i always masturbated over cucking people before i even knew what the word is and when the word became popular i started wanking sometimes over being cucked. shows how strong social conditioning is. but when wanking over being cucked you always feel deflated after cumming whereas when i masturbate over cucking people i feel better after cumming.

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I did for a very short time with the queen of spades subset. I have immunity since I'm black and could mentally supplant into the bull, but realized that I'd never be tall and muscular (and would never creampie a woman), so I got depressed and went back to fapping to 2D. fapping to cuck porn in general is double cucked anyway, I couldnt even laugh when people on 4chan jokingly said its the "thinking man's fetish", thats just retarded.

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cuckfugees welcome! I myself am personally a furry.

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All the cucks come in and heal!!!!!!