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i'm 30. i'd say 70% of them are in relationships. the smarter kids from school seem much less likely to be in a relationship. also, it is surprising how many of them are in retail or a similar shit job despite being quite smart. most girls and even the lower iq males seem to have better jobs than them. amongst those in relationships, the lower iq ones are definitely more likely to have children and breed.

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very true. Most low IQ people don't care and just fuck, reproduce, and thus give birth to offsprings with low IQ who have a higher chance of becoming criminals. I saw that in my hometown, also where my best friend lives (like poorer project type of block).

Meanwhile the high IQ guys are not allowed to have their DNA passed on. We're heading to nowhere land fast.

ALEK-sa, play the isis theme

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high IQ people are becoming depressed because of societal and moral decay

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Clown world

Imagine contributing to a society that rewards retarded chads and not stemcels

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also happening around the high IQ guys around here, i feel like entire society is collapsing under its own weight

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not really, most that i see still follow the script/railroad of life.

many use relationships + consumerism as a cope

as far as marriage and children go it s mostly economic pressure.

if anything all the young entrepreneurs i know are male where women go for drone positions

that said i don t doubt many young male will go the drugs way ( and games are a kind of drug ) as a cope. in the end males have zero inherent value and society has very little use for a individual one, there s always a replacement

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Most of the guys I know are blue pill Normies so no

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I don't see it bruh men love for women superceeds all boundaries

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I see it in some men, but I'd say the vast majority still follow the script.

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As someone in GenZ a lot of people my age are dropping out of their communities, mostly introverted NEET highschool grads tbh. Alienation is on the fucking rise man.