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i would too.

that said a hot tranny is pretty much unicorn tier rarity, most are disgusting in body and mind

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tell me about it they have a "hot pocket pussy" basically it is a surgical pussy that is LITERALLY an open cut where they have to take MEDS to prevent it from ROTTING with infection since it is an open cut. i mean how MENTALLY ILL do you have to be lol?!!

i honestly don't blame them. i blame the doctors who indulge them in this non-sense!

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don't worry, sometimes 40% of a problem solves itself.

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ethics? can t stand in the way of making money of the mentally ill

every day a new degenerate wish is normalized so profit can be made

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I would be open to dating Kim Petras ( ) who is a trap, only because it is literally IMPOSSIBLE to get a gf for me.

The way I see it - Soon enough, the only way for a sub5 man to get a "gf" will be to date a trans. Mind you, the more "passing" a trans is, the more she will go for Chad. You just can't win.