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Here's a question that breaks your free speech obsession: would you allow child porn to be hosted?

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That’s the FBI’s signature move. Once a website gets too popular, they spam it with CP so they can shut it down.

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Yeah good question. If an anonymous free speech technology like I'm describing actually existed how would you be able to stop child porn subs from popping up? If this kind of thing could exist it would literally be the most disruptive technology of all time.

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Then good luck getting anything to host its servers. Companies value profit over free speech.

For what it's worth, I think China is creating the future of the Internet. Zero anonymity, complete tracking.

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Imagine a distributed reddit-like version of OnionShare where there's no DNS or web servers and everything runs on Tor (the dark web), and the data exists in a bitcoin-like network.

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uh no child porn is a felony. hey lol u/dr. pizza did they release you from prison?

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Dunno about the FBI shitting their pants. If you read some stuff released by Snowden you know what they could do some years ago. They own this place.

Alternative websites do come out, but usually they are funded by (((them))) and they function as a funnel/honeypot, exactly like Trump.

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You mean a new chan.

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this isn't the genocide of free speech this is the rampant destructive reign of toxic positivity

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Sounds good, doesn't work.

Blockchain means you have to store all the shit on your computer. Somebody posts CP? Good luck explaining to le fbi man it's not yours.

You also need a lot of storage space. Average length of a tweet is 33 "characters". If we ignore metadata requirements and assume only people using English use it, this leaves us with 33 bytes per post. That's about 300 million posts for 10Gb of storage space. Not many people will be willing to dedicate more space than that for interacting with a platform. Again, this is without metadata, assuming it's only English (languages that don't use Latin take up more space), and without file upload. As a reference, 2 years ago Reddit stored around 30 billion comments.

One thing that might work is some sort of a "rolling" blockchain, the imageboard model where there can't be more than N posts at a time, with each new post (or thread) forcing deletion of the oldest one. Though that sort of defeats the purpose of blockchain, so it's probably better for it to simply be p2p, like a continuously updated torrent.

Then there's Tor. Not sure how familiar with computers you are, but connecting to a network such as Tor requires an entry node. You connect to this entry node, and it tells you "hey buddy, here's where you need to go from me!" and gives you an IP address. At this point you're good. As soon as you're through the entry node, you can use Tor as you wish, and there's very little your particular ISP/government can do to stop you other than cutting your internet access altogether or outright swatting you. But the very first connection, it requires you to be able to reach this entry node. And guess what, the IP address of this node is public. It has to be. Your ISP/government can just block all the entry nodes, if they desire so, and cut off your access to this network completely.

The second issue is not really solvable through tech. You basically need to build such a government (or other ruling body, such as a corporation) that values internet access freedom and privacy.

But this comes with problems. Now terrorists can plan their attacks with ease. Pedophiles can exchange their materials without fear. Human traffickers get record profits.

Though I personally think it's worth it. Bans don't stop terrorists or pedophiles or drug dealers or whatever. They just deter the 1% of lazy or dumb retards from engaging in these activities, while the other 99% always find a different way of communicating. But good luck explaining that to a mommy scared of her daughter being kidnapped, or a 9/11 survivor paranoid about terrorist attacks. They'll gladly give away all their rights if that means they get 1% safer.

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8kun(ex-8chan) is alive. Can someone confirm ER stuff on it?

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What does ER stand for?

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Elliot Rodger.

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Guys the only rule is "Dont glorify violence" so glowniggers dont do their thing. ER jokes such as "Go JokER" type of stuff is allowed though. Also there is a new janny in town baby!