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Most people do drugs (yes alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine are also drugs) or make food and hang out at their house. I find it best to have a goal in mind when hanging out though, like an activity lined up or a project to work on, for that very reasonable fear you have of not knowing what to talk about.

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Yes. I'm not sure what people do with friends, or what friends are. On the few occasions I'm invited to go to group things, perhaps out of pity, I'm aware of the silence and discomfort I bring to situations.

I just try to react when appropriate, and try to remember not to speak much if I get the urge. Attempts to do so result in sperging, usually. I can't imagine actually being one-on-one with someone.

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i jus twant to fuck a girl

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Apparently, they all look at their phones.

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Yup. I haven’t had any friends for over a year now.