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Not on my watch. We can bring this place back to braincels glory days. You all just need to get over the ban and get your asses over here. Fuck reddit.

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Hard to convince people when it is dead over here.

I dont mean dead as no one is here. I mean dead as almost no one is posting or interacting. Why would anyone go to a new platform if they event have any activity

Worst the people that are here calls every living thing that the sun touches a fakecell, post that get made are about the fake cell drinking soy on cuckit.

What made celouts grew was the activity and the free promo from IT

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We need posters and free promo from it to grow this

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I think it's a good question of why this place needs to be big or popular, and what that accomplishes.

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you can make a post on IT with saidit logo right this fucking second. you can even make a post for it on here yourself. so it's extra spicy.

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somehow they started on reddit, and at first it wasn't as large. More problematic is that google will likely shadowban the site if it is pro free speech. They'll also probably get rid of incel channels on youtube, they are already getting rid of mgtow channels. Hope face starts to use bitchute too, if his channel gets too big it will likely draw their attention, ire and the axe.

With search engines, and most social media stopping discussion, it will make finding such and growth of such communities difficult.

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What do you mean of getting rid of mgtow channels

Shadow ban so mgtow isnt findable via the searchengines

Or they delte mgtow channels?

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think they are banning and deleting many, and shadowbanning and throttling others, at least according to this youtuber

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All these social media platforms have grown arrogant.

They want the benefits of an "open platform" aka not being responsible. But also want to gatekeep what is and isn't allowed.

Alls these sjw social media platforms are ripe for the taking. They are in the same position Myspace was in the early 2004 they just don't know it yet.

All it takes is one not soycucked startup back with big funding to take them down.

Even the content creators on youtube have enough of the SJW policies but there is nowhere to go.

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I want to agree with you but the OP has a point. I've been posting every day here on saidit since the braincel ban, but it's quite dead. A lot of guys just went to dot co.

I posted a vanta black pill a day ago and got 5 comments. It's less than this very thread.

[–][deleted] 4 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 0 fun5 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children) is a really really bad forum though.

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Patience is key. It takes time to build something great.

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Is female nature gonna change all of a sudden? No. Are the consequences of female nature going to change all of a sudden? No. Are we lied constantly in the mainstream media again and again? why yes.

Given that 80% of men are viewed as below average, and most of the bottom 50% will likely be unable to pass on their genes, they won't suddenly disappear. And discussing female nature, the blackpill, will make sense of too many things in their lives.

Men are told looks don't matter, work on personality, go to the gym, etc. There are deep reasons why this or that girl, or multiple turned you down repeatedly. But the reality of chads, that most girls will accept chad, many even an abusive chad, or be looking forward to chad even if they somehow give you the time of day, does not change.

Chad approaches, and it is very likely he will be accepted, even if in a relationship there's a good chance they'll lie and say they don't have a boyfriend, say they have but doesn't matter, or maybe even look for ways to end their relation with their boyfriend(hypergamy).

As chad has high probability of success with most women, an incel approaching a woman looking for a partner, is extremely likely to be turned down not just by one woman looking for a partner, but to be turned down by practically all women looking for a partner.

Ugly men into game, if they've not been jailed for being creeps, will try to approach thousands of women to try and get them to pity embrace them with manipulation techniques.

Give it time and this community will grow.

But don't expect change, men rights activists have failed time and again. It is unlikely incels will fare much better. As for laws women are the majority of the voting population and the laws will only get worse for men.

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I understand your feelings of frustration fren. Would suggest to hold out for a couple of weeks and see if this sub grows enough to be worth it.

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If your ever thought there was a fix to this situation, I think you never really saw the writing on the wall. There is never going to be a win.

Respect and power- you can't have this as a group of unwanted and unnecessary men. Society has its rules, written or not, determined by biology. We can't override them.

Governments no longer need us, either due to automation or in some cases, immigration. If they did give a shit about us, they'd be turning on 50% of the voting bloc instantly. There's no chance. Besides- governments will just do what they do with useless men for millennia: send us us to pointless wars.

Dating apps work because they offer access to Chad, not beta virgins. They are profitable because losers get to try for the scraps Chad leaves behind. Again, biology. You can try to make an app for meeting disgusting virgins, but it will not be profitable with a userbase of humans.

We didn't fucking go anywhere just because a subreddit shut down. We're still here. We have always existed since sexual reproduction evolved. Maybe the memes were a fad, but this hell does not end.

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I guess I'll have to find some other cope if this is the inevitable heat death of the incel community. So many of the old posters who made good content are now gone, and now the places to post incel content is fading away too

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I don't think inceldom is a culture. I mean there are 70 million surplus men between India and China alone.

We just need to make all the incels aware of their condition. Most are brain washed living blue pilled lives. Imagine if 10 M of us banded together tomorrow.

We could actually solve inceldom within a few years

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I think inceldom is not a political movement fren

at the very best it was a support group. if we reach critical mass here we'll get banned too since what we talk about is taboo

social media is cancer. it baits people with easy use and easy organization but it s way too easy to control and shut down thinking that s not ad friendly

just enjoy the blessing of knowing the truth while so many get cucked

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i think a lot of cels wake up one day, go to check reddit, see that sub is banned, and instead of thinking about going and finding another site to go to are just like oh well who cares might as well ldar

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What should we do to increase the numbers i tried to advertise saidit on my youtube.