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Any thoughts on this.

Even though you're married.... :-0

Also, it's understandable if you punt on this one.

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First paragraph rewritten for fairness but i will not respond to each point:

The guy is generalizing about a country with a population of 126 million so how accurate can he be? Not very it seems.

Lay-counts in three figures? How does he know?

His contention that women never pay is just wrong. Women often pitch in on expenses and it has become expected in recent years. Of course, if the man keeps paying for everything and never mentions splitting the bill, she will usually go along but most are happy to split. Also, he is wildly exaggerating the number of freebies women get at clubs, etc. His information sounds dated—like from around the early 90s when everybody was making lots of money.

The writer seems to have some serious hangups about sex. Love hotels are terrific for lots of reasons. He also sounds quite bitter like a lot of us in whatever country. I got lucky and am no longer bitter.

What he said about Japanese women being rude, etc. sounds like it's based on trying to pick up girls in major dance clubs. And that is enough about that guy.

BTW, what is a "sub 6 male"? Under six inches? Your Japanese sweetheart would be happy with five.

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Male attractiveness is rated from 0-10 so a sub6 male is someone who's below a 6/10.

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Thanks really. I am a bit way out of the loop on new developments in American English, as you have noticed. You're very understanding.

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Ye like our sub aintcha?

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Well, uh, yes I do. I will try to lurk more and follow the rules, sir.

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You can comment as much as you want, don't worry we're not nazimods like those over on who ban people for saying "BBC" or gay jokes.

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