Ideas For SaidIt

Feature requests and ideas to help improve the SaidIt site, its operation, its community, and their goals.

These lists of ideas are good, bad, ugly, and incomplete. Some of the bad ideas may lead to better ones so even the bad ideas are helpful, if for nothing other than an issue indicator and placeholder.

Please feel free to contribute to these idea lists or their solutions and organize it as you see fit. Respect other's work. Try to update these lists as issues get addressed - ie. cross them out.

Got a great idea but are to busy or lazy? Just add it to the idea bucket and we'll sort it into the proper list for you. Great ideas may be flippantly tossed around and easily forgotten, in posts, comments, or in chat, but you can copy paste them there to be sorted and considered and maybe applied.

SaidIt idea bucket - /s/IdeasForSaidIt/wiki/idea_bucket

SaidIt policy ideas - /s/IdeasForSaidIt/wiki/policy_ideas

SaidIt feature ideas - /s/IdeasForSaidIt/wiki/feature_ideas

SaidIt IRC chat ideas - /s/IdeasForSaidIt/wiki/chat_ideas

SaidIt community project ideas - /s/IdeasForSaidIt/wiki/community_ideas

SaidIt future ideas - /s/IdeasForSaidIt/wiki/future_ideas

See also: /s/SaidItSurveys/wiki/ and /s/SaidItSurveys/wiki/drafts

Pro Tip: Draft up long additions elsewhere, then quickly copy pasta into the wiki to avoid editing wiki pages for too for long increasing the possibility of editing conflicts. While you're editing someone else may be editing another version creating painful document conflicts to resolve, IF the loss of information is even discovered.

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