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Unsubscribe from them all (in preferences) and you are opted out. You may also want to set your home page to /s/subscribed to not see content from these subs.

More clear preferences surrounding all of this are in the works.

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I agree. Whilst it is nice to be introduced to a range of subs from across the site, some subs are just way too specific to be relevant to the average user.

For example, I really don't need to be subscribed to /s/angola.

There's an option in the preferences to unsubscribe from everything, then you can subscribe to the ones you want.

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I like to see all the posts and then choose if any subs should be removed from my feed.

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This post will get you going on how and why the site workslike it does: Also how to unsub everything with one simple trick!

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Perhaps we could make it an option by the sub's moderators on wherever or not people are automaticly subscribed to to the sub, but we could run the risk of creating the same toxic insular communities we dislike reddit for.

Personally, I'm just taking it as a necessary downside to better quality discussion.