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If she's an intelligent person, why is she doing this? Downs is not attractive. If she's mentally deficient, it's wrong. Yuck.

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    Agreed. If I search for the main terms, this appears:

    I am surprised by the comments. She also doesn't appear to have a good idea of what's happening. I don't know about Down's Syndrome. She seems like a child. Perhaps she could be a model for a different brand, but not for lingerie.

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      I understand your concern here, but what exactly are you saying? People with down syndrome should not be allowed to engage in sexual activity? They should only be allowed to engage in sexual activity as long as the other person also has downs and is equally incapable of consent in the eyes of the public? This would be almost like treating people with down syndrome as a separate subhuman species. I think there is a very fine line here between protection and dehumanization.

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      Yeah, I agree.

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      Your comment reminds me of the fact that black women have the highest self esteem and body image out of all women yet constantly campaign for more media representation.

      It seems the more representation a group has is actually worse for their mental health.

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      I'd fuck her. Based on her body. But only if she were able to give consent.

      Hey, never waste a perfectly good piece of ass.

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      I really like her tits, but after reading the article I feel kinda wrong about her being in this situation. The author convinced me against his position.

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      None of them were disabled when I designed a UFO for an Victoria's Secrets Angels commercial for them in 1997.

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      I’m not gonna judge. But I doubt this is a good sign for society.

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      The author is very condescending,

      In 2022, it is appalling that a vast number of people still think of people with Down Syndrome as children. I remember in the 70s, 80s and 90s, hearing people describing relatives with this syndrome, and ending their description with, ‘and he/she has the brain of a child.’

      That is because for decades everyone we ever saw with downs behaved like a child. In the 70s they were called retarded because their brains did not develop properly. I remember a downs syndrome man in my neighborhood when I was a kid. He was at least 35, he used to copy the little kids. When they would get long trailing willow sticks from the willow tree on their way home from school and walk along trailing them behind them so you would see this 35 year old man doing the same thing so not only did he behave like a child his actions showed he also identified as a child because he wanted to do the same things they were doing.

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      Wait. The author later describes her partner as being disabled and having kids with him. Did she marry a downy?

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      He could have been missing a finger or partially sighted.