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Brian you are nearly 40 years old.

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That’s the first time I’ve laughed at conscious blade in a long time.

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Blade is one of the most interesting person to stream to this community.

This guy only cares about self gratification. Short term rewards like smoking, drinking, anything that satisfies his sexual drive or even upgrading his Cadillac.

He doesn’t care about any long term goals like keeping friends that will benefit him in the end or streaming consistently enough when it’s the perfect time to make income with COVID happening. Hell, he doesn’t even care about having a retirement plan, having his own kids (cuz fuck it, he can just father Becky’s who’s alrdy grown up), or even his own teeth.

I don’t like him, hate him or am envious about him. There’s no changing him since he’s already 35+. He’s going to live a short life with this lifestyle so just sit back and enjoy this train wreck because it won’t last forever.