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You are a fool and understand nothing. No one should be cheating on anyone and making anyone cry. You're so lost

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I don’t cheat and I never said that, I’m saying that from viewing this website I see so many insecure weak faggots who are controlled by their urge for women so much so they let it remove their masculinity and act like weak pathetic women... you sir are the fool if you think being emotional and weak is how men should act.

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I never said anyone should act weak. You got called out for writing something you know is wrong and can't admit you were wrong. Again. No one should be going around hurting anyone. Disagree all you want, sir

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Let me explain a little better maybe? Women should be the insecure ones, men are the alpha, men shouldn’t be scared of their woman cheating, the woman should be scared of losing the man, the man is the one who makes the money, who pays the bills, who does all the hard work, who treats and spoils his woman, that makes him feel alpha, other women will want what your woman has. The problem is these days Men are weak, men are scared, men let the woman cheat, men think they NEED the woman hence why the world is so fucked up right now because women are taking over everything, destroying our children’s lives by being whores who go cheating on the dad or leave their dads sorry ass because he is a weak pathetic human that doesn’t deserve to be with her or with his kid... this is the problem with weak men, look at the world around us and tell me all is ok? Weak men are to blame.

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I love myself a married woman. Specially the ones that have dog as husbands. They fuck like no other, imagine being married to a man that probably can't fuck for shit over years, and then I come along and fuck on their husband's bed while he is at work. After work he buy some flowers for her and tell her how much he loves her and how pathetic his day was at the job. I never bought women shit, never provided them anything. Just gave them some attention and love, never whine about anything. There are plenty of fucking women. It's going up by MUCH MORE, because of simps and losers. Do I complain about them? NO! I should love you fucking losers, but I love fucking your wives, keep paying her bills so she can chill with me at some good motel. I see no problem at that.

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Haha I like your style, come bang my bitch you chad.

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damn an open invitation like that I can't deny

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It’s like these boys were raised by Twitch staff.

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They were definitely not raised by a dad.