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Imagine being one of these fucking morons who donate to a guy that can't even stream for 2 hours on an average day, and all he does is sit on a couch.

Think about it, you dumb fucks gave him 220$ today and this was literally the stream --

"I love you babe, becky I love you, I love you, I love you so much, babe i love you, becky I love you, I love you more then anything babe, baby I love you, I love you babe, babe, babe, babe"

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I still can't believe all these people give this much money to that man. I was snowed by a lazy good for nothing streamer once but at least I figured it out pretty fast. It's been a couple years how have they not figured it out

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I hope the line cross soon. His 'contont' is terrible.

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just by eyeballing that graph his mean average is two hours streaming and $200 a day in donos. obviously this doesn't take into account RV and streamer house streams which he streams longers and makes more in donos

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