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Yet I cannot do blackface and dreadlocks. Fuck outta here.\


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they hate us cuz they aint us, which is why we need to send them home to their own

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Never happen might as well not even waste your time trying to advertise it because it does nothing but sway the good blacks to be on board with the racist blacks

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nah good blacks are the problem and aren't good

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That’s not true at all man. You know the decent black folks in America are way more based and patriotic than whites trash like blade and SJC. when I was in the army no shit the most morally sound Christian hard working loyal types where black guys and they were proudly fighting for America while most the white guys were there for a pay check

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Don’t get me wrong I know there is a major problem in America with tribal racist blacks but we do not want or need a race war which is what you are talking will lead to and even if we had one it would do nothing? Even if it was only whites people here we would find something else to hate on. Here’s an experiment for you just go stay in the same house with your family or only white peoples for any amount of time and I guarantee you you will start to bicker and fight over the dumbest bullshit. Hating on someome because of a skin color they had no choice to be born with is a waste of energy and effort. I know black dudes who sport rebel flags and ride horses etc?? This is a big country bro 300 million people and I kmow what its like to be stertyped because of where I was born. I know I am nothing like the sterotypes and I know that there are plenty of woke based family and country oriented black folks out there. They have a problem in their demographic just like we have blade, SJC, and burger planets. Imagine if you or i was cast as the same as SJC OR BLADE?

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yeah that's bullshit

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Oh ya I’m white knighting black people I don’t even know on a cringelord platform whos main go to Content is to spam NGR by some idiot willing to say it on livestream? I’m all for hating on someone but you have to get your sights correctly calibrated. Mass labeling all blacks as trash is fucking retarded

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You ever heard of JESSE LEE PETERSON or MIND OF JAMAL? Check out both and speak that bullshit you are saying This is a spiritual war bro not a skin color war

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JLP works for jews to divide the races. kill all niggers now.

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Wow what a fucking moron you are

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Imagine... 🤩

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meh, it was a failed experiment from the start...

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Smart black people want to be white while stupid white people want to be black

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why would someone want to be an inferior being? literally makes 0 sense lol nobody wants to be forcd to put sunscreen on to go to the beach or else be faced with the risk of possibly dying all bcuz they fell asleep for too long lol

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You know black folks have to put sunscreen on as well and will burn as well? Ofcourse they can handle it better than most whites people but not all.

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lmfaooo youre retarded huh? either that or a troll...