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they are dumb as fuck by stopping him answering confirms that traitor Vindman is the one who leaked to the whistle blower, Alexander Vindman is done

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Imagine focusing so much on a whistleblower instead of the alleged crimes. Fuck Trumpists and their bullshit smoke screens and gaslighting. Show me evidence that Trump did nothing wrong. Show me evidence there was no quid pro quo. SHOW ME THE FUCKING EVIDENCE that proves the Democrats have no Case. I'm waiting. Oh, what's that? Your boi admitted to quid pro quo on Live TV?

Whether clown mcfuckstick wins in 2020 or not, the Trump dick suckers are going to regret moving this far right and becoming absolutely batshit crazy without a mandate.

Once the Liberals regain control, the Trumpists are going to be pushed back to the fringes where they belong.

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In 2019 i do not fathom how people hold allegience to the Libtard Left Even if you claim you do not know the discusting history of the DemoKKKratic party,look back on these past 4 years since Trump announced his running for President,it is mind blowing or look at every single DemoKKKrat run cities in the USA they are ALL shitholes, in these past 4 years seeing just how brainwashed DemoKKKrat supporters are is really astonishing.