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Ok, so let me ask you this. A 13 year old sends you her nudes...DO you A) Report her, delete the pics, try and contact the parents... B) Brag about it publicly, go to Japan and lick a full carton of strawberries...

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Delete pic and contact mum. I wouldn't be speaking with 13 year olds to start with.

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goes to japan to fuck her and also create 'content'

trip is considered a massive failure, averages 5-6k live viewers, this was supposed to be his RETURN to livestreaming, his sequel to the travel stream he did in 2018

goes to Japan again

The second Japan trip after the first failure of a trip was super suspect. He returned there so quickly.

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Dear God u ppl need help. Get over it and stop trying to destroy someone. The worst part is the effect you lot have probably had on that girl. You all put her on here for all to see going on like you are all so perfect when you needlessly and unnecessarily put a child's identify in a public domain and tried to involve her in something nefarious. You people are the real criminals. If he committed a crime, he'll get the repercussions. You don't need to put the victim if she is one online over and over and like months later. Did you people ever stop to think would the victim like this attention at her age? This could ruin someone's life but you fools only want bad to happen. As long as something bad happens to someone you excuses for humans are happy. Well guess what, what goes around comes around and you people think attacking people doesn't have repercussions for you when it will. You ppl here are so unintelligent. Stop publicizing this underage girl! Stop publicizing immoral sexual behaviour! You are part of the problem!

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You need help you pedo rapist sympathizer. Wtf is wrong with you, take your meds bud.

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That little girl needs a beating from her absent parents. Ice piss needs someone to fuck him up for good

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Paulas Alt confirmed defending his 13 year old GF

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And the karma farming begins AYOOO

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and a faggot

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Who has the text screenshots of him grooming the 15/16 year old during the first rv trip? The one that showed up with her mom to see her favorite e-celeb

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Can we drop this whole dark theme...If he has done wrong he will have it coming to him. It's not our job to bring him to justice. If there's no one bringing a case, he'll either get karma or...he's innocent and it's people like you who are the bad ones slandering innocent ppl. Either way, stop this obsession with child abuse, it's not healthy for anyone to have it constantly raised with no concrete evidence to show to police. If there was like I said, he'd he under investigation? He's not so all this is is you disgustingly trying to potentially hurt someone innocent making you the one we need to be looking at. Don't be surprised in future if you get the same treatment that you are giving him and you'll see how you like it. Stop raising this topic... It's so unhealthy for ppl to have in their minds especially when the accused hasn't been found guilty. "The devil is the accuser of man." I hope you realise what you're actually doing by saying what you are saying, it's nothing good and it's not how you treat people. Everyone has made mistakes and you can't be forgiven for your's if you don't forgive others of their's. When you say this stuff you are actually in reality aiding abuse by putting this in people's minds who will then go onto do God knows what. You aren't helping anything or anyone saying this.

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Damn dude. You actually typed out a book. Why are you here?

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There is no such thing as karma, wtf. do u actually believe in a weird buddhist concept like that ? get your head out of your arse

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Mental health on display!

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Think? We know.

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thats a hard no from me bud

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Pedophile sympathizer. People actually make excuses for him make me sick.

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Ice poseidon is not.. innocent.. he raped all those kids..

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Top post record is about to be broken, it was a good run, T7

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T7 homie