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What is this hydrogen economy? Is it producing Hydrogen out of water and burning it to water again later?

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Here's an article about Japan and their plans for a "Hydrogen Society"

Tokyo Aims to Realize “Hydrogen Society”by 2020

...The creation of a hydrogen society aims at achieving four major objectives. First is the reduction of the burden on the environment. Unlike fossil fuels, hydrogen emits only water when burned. So it promises to greatly cut emissions of carbon dioxide. Second is the diversification of energy sources. Hydrogen can be produced with renewable energy sources, and its use will also promote stability in the supply of energy. Third, it will generate beneficial economic ripple effects. The shift to a new energy source will naturally mean new demand and new jobs. And fourth, it can help in coping with natural disasters. Fuel cell cars generate electricity to power their motors using hydrogen from their tanks, and when disasters cause power outages, these vehicles can serve as large-scale movable generators. This adds to the appeal of hydrogen for Tokyo, which is highly conscious of the importance of disaster readiness...more:

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Great explanation. 'Storing' energy like solar or wind by producing hydrogen is indeed environmentally better and safer than for example lithium batteries.

Inspirational music:

Lithium battery fire: (gained recognition by the Samsung Note 7)