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If anything, could you not hide a sub like holocaust revisionisn from /s/all?

That's not a bad idea.

Didn't know shills came on here to post holohoax fallacies.

Yeah me neither until recently. It's a little adventure we're all going on together. Ideologues HATE neutral media sources like saidit. They want to turn us in to voat by flooding the front page with voat-like material, to delegitimize this website in the eyes of newcomers and more neutral users.

Somehow Voat hasn't hijacked that forum yet, which leads me to believe they are pretty ban heavy when it comes to trolls, shills, bait posts, and any comments that do not bring to the table well thought out arguments or reasonable questions.

Yes this is how most sites (like reddit) operate. Anything that looks bad at all is immediately removed, but saidit has more rigorous standards than the admin saying "I don't like this". It's a fine line to walk.

I don't mind discussion about this type of stuff, I just do NOT want it dominating saidit or else we are just a shitty voat and then our normal users will leave, and our voat-like users will just stay on voat, thus killing this site. That is undoubtedly the goal of these types of brigades.

Yes the fact it is illegal in so many countries is questionable tbh. There's lot of discussion to be had.

However it's sometimes difficult to distinguish someone trying to convey useful information, from someone just posting inflammatory links while pretending to share legitimate information. It's a common shill tactic and I expect we'll see more and more of it.

My #1 goal here is to keep saidit from becoming voat. That's the whole reason we made this website in the first place. And I hope we can figure out some way to address these information attacks, while avoiding becoming a censorship-haven like reddit is. We're trying to walk that line and it's not easy, and people are trying to knock of off of our perch at every opportunity. Some people really hate that this site exists, and hasn't picked a "side" and that we actually aspire to be neutral and information-based. We've been able to defend against them so far with vigilance. We are trying to figure out some way to defend against this that is a little more automated, but it's tricky.