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Take a look at the rules there, pretty strict and not in any forum have I seen ad hominems:

f you post a quote or link from or to a book, a news article, magazine story, another website, etc., you must also comment on the quote or the link content. Tell the forum what you find wrong, compelling, unique, or important about the quote or link content. Flippant, overly brief comments are not acceptable. We want commentary and discussion.

Seriously, it is strict there but it allows for newcomers to ask questions and get answers. Instead of clack bait and spam posts. Everyone who posts must present their argument.

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Those are fantastic!

Thanks for that!

I was open to jokes and memes but I guess playing it safer is easier than a slippery slope. I hadn't even started considering rules yet. Those rules have been well thought out.

What do you guys think of those rules /u/magnora7 and /u/OmegaUser296 ?

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I think you need to stop acting like you're some kind of administrator who has a say about the rules.

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I'm not. But if I'm going to co-moderate the /s/HolocaustSkepticism sub then I do have a say about it's rules.

As a user I have the same say as all the other folks about the rules too. We can discuss developments, but ultimately bow to your leadership, or leave.