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This site is against censorship, but that also doesn't mean it's a total free-for-all. That's the thing a lot of people don't get. Boundaries have to exist for this site to continue.

I don't want reddit levels of censorship either, that's also our stated mission. But we're much more in danger of becoming voat than we are of becoming reddit.

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That's fine a little censorship won't hurt if it keeps the discussion good.

Although some users like JasonCarswelll might dislike the censorship that shouldn't become an issue as Censorship is needed to keep the site from becoming like Voat and if people like the censorship or not isn't your guys problem.

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To be clear I'm in total agreement with /u/magnora7's policies and his statement on censorship above. On rare occasions I don't agree with his implementation or enforcement. That means I agree 99.98%, give or take.

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If you are in agreement with my policies, then act like it.

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I have. Why don't you moderate as you preach.