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for some reason your comment ended up in spam I don't know why. But anyways

If I didn't make this sub Jasoncarswell would have made it, he even said so. I understand you think it doesn't need it's own sub but JasonCarswell felt it did, I made it so that hopefully I can make sure JasonCarswell doesn't try to make claims about it without proper basis.

While I would rather these subs not exist as you would since this sub would have been made either way I felt that why not make it actually proper discussion of the topic instead of just treating it like truth and fact like JasonCarswell would have. In fact I intend this to allow both sides of discussion so it won't be one sided like Voat.

This is more for debate of the topic.

I made this sub only because I feel since it would have happened either way maybe I could have kept it from going downhill and make sure fair discussion can stay instead of treating "Holocaust never happened" as truth like JasonCarswell most likely would have.

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Fine, but I would suggest just letting this sub die off and not posting things in it, if we really want saidit to not be voat. There really does not need to be a community built around this topic. People should go to voat if that's what they want.

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Comment ended up in spam again, I think I need to check the automod rules.

And I couldn't agree more, although I know Jason most likely won't let it die off but I do agree with all that you've stated.

But since it most likely won't die at least I can try to keep the conversation dual sided instead of just right wing like Voat mainly is.

I will try to let this sub come to it's natural death hopefully that won't be long. Heck I might just make it redirect to a general skepticism sub once it naturally calms down as that would be killing it but not making it a straight up killing of the sub.

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I really don't know why you guys are dividing it into left-right.

I see it as a true vs propaganda issue.

There is some truth to Climate Change just as elements of the Holocaust are true.

These two examples happen to be rejected by many on the right.

I am a anarcho-center-lefty but I won't buy into them for that reason.

I also won't buy into the idea that Socialism or gun regulation is evil.

I'm not on board for killing the /s/HolocaustSkepticism sub, ever.

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I won't kill it, worst I will do is make it redirect to a more general skepticism sub.

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That's effectively the same thing.