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The problem was the moderator of s/Holocaust was turning it into an insult of a sub.

I personally don't believe the skepticism around the holocaust. I was only helping them by making a community that hopefully will actually not be killed off by it's own creator.

I also had made sure to remove it from r/all and other things to avoid it becoming the face of saidit in any way.

I understand all your concerns and if I see the sub getting out of hand or posting false information or anything trust me I will keep it in check.

Out right harassment of Jews will not be tolerated on the sub and claims without evidence won't either.

I only made it out of concerns that u/JasonCarswell had excersized for the s/Holocaust sub I personally don't believe their claims but I see a need for their beliefs to have a proper sub for it instead of s/Holocaust which was made in a mocking manner.

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I just don't think it's something that needs an entire sub. You could just as easy post in a general /skepticism sub. By tying saidit with this type of discourse, this is pulling us in the direction of becoming voat, and avoiding that is one of our core mission goals.

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for some reason your comment ended up in spam I don't know why. But anyways

If I didn't make this sub Jasoncarswell would have made it, he even said so. I understand you think it doesn't need it's own sub but JasonCarswell felt it did, I made it so that hopefully I can make sure JasonCarswell doesn't try to make claims about it without proper basis.

While I would rather these subs not exist as you would since this sub would have been made either way I felt that why not make it actually proper discussion of the topic instead of just treating it like truth and fact like JasonCarswell would have. In fact I intend this to allow both sides of discussion so it won't be one sided like Voat.

This is more for debate of the topic.

I made this sub only because I feel since it would have happened either way maybe I could have kept it from going downhill and make sure fair discussion can stay instead of treating "Holocaust never happened" as truth like JasonCarswell most likely would have.

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I appreciate your motives. I did the same with /s/WatchPeopleDie. I was hoping we'd be able to apply warnings site wide like the banner I designed for it - or maybe cautionary CSS. I handed that sub over and have had no interest in looking at any of it. I've only commented in the intro post. Here's my big folly of it all - I thought I was doing something to change Reddit culture for SaidIt. Turns out no one on SaidIt gave a shit about big warning signs for NSFW content. They were accustomed to the Reddit way (of which I knew little).

I have no intentions of making any claims about the Holocaust. I wasn't there. Neither were any of us. I only have intentions of posting content from external sources and commenting on them and on the nature of propaganda, lies, and our manufactured culture of exploitation and war for flimsy lame reasons.

Also, I will point out that history is written by the victors (vae victis) and will demonize the enemy and ignore their own war crime atrocities (Dresden Firestorm) and note the absurd claims that Germany was trying to take over the world. It's as absurd as saying Iran is a threat.

To be clear, just because Hitler was the underdog and scapegoat doesn't mean I would follow him any more than any other world leader. They're all scum.