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Why do we need to be doing this. I don't like this.

If you want to talk about it, fine. But why do we need to make dueling subs over this one topic. It's not helpful or good, imo.

Voat is already a hub of holocaust skepticism. If we don't want to become voat, why are we echoing the types of conversations they have?

Again, I don't mind talking about it reasonably, but I REALLY do not see the need to be creating entire subs about this. It's putting saidit in a dangerous position, as new users go "Oh this is a right-wing site that hates jews" and when we are constantly posting about this topic, it only fuels that hatred. This is not what saidit is about.

There's already 3 posts on reddit talking about saidit and how it's becoming voat, because of the over-focus on this topic by creating subs and so on.

If you have a specific piece of evidence, great. I however do not see the value in re-treading this same vague discussion, again and again and again. This is much more harmful to saidit than it has any real-world benefit as far as I can see.

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The problem was the moderator of s/Holocaust was turning it into an insult of a sub.

I personally don't believe the skepticism around the holocaust. I was only helping them by making a community that hopefully will actually not be killed off by it's own creator.

I also had made sure to remove it from r/all and other things to avoid it becoming the face of saidit in any way.

I understand all your concerns and if I see the sub getting out of hand or posting false information or anything trust me I will keep it in check.

Out right harassment of Jews will not be tolerated on the sub and claims without evidence won't either.

I only made it out of concerns that u/JasonCarswell had excersized for the s/Holocaust sub I personally don't believe their claims but I see a need for their beliefs to have a proper sub for it instead of s/Holocaust which was made in a mocking manner.

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As a habit, I always invite /u/magnora7 and /u/d3rr to be co-mods. I don't think M7 has ever accepted. D3 had for a while. So for this sub especially I would recommend it too.