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for some reason your comment ended up in spam I don't know why. But anyways

If I didn't make this sub Jasoncarswell would have made it, he even said so. I understand you think it doesn't need it's own sub but JasonCarswell felt it did, I made it so that hopefully I can make sure JasonCarswell doesn't try to make claims about it without proper basis.

While I would rather these subs not exist as you would since this sub would have been made either way I felt that why not make it actually proper discussion of the topic instead of just treating it like truth and fact like JasonCarswell would have. In fact I intend this to allow both sides of discussion so it won't be one sided like Voat.

This is more for debate of the topic.

I made this sub only because I feel since it would have happened either way maybe I could have kept it from going downhill and make sure fair discussion can stay instead of treating "Holocaust never happened" as truth like JasonCarswell most likely would have.

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Fine, but I would suggest just letting this sub die off and not posting things in it, if we really want saidit to not be voat. There really does not need to be a community built around this topic. People should go to voat if that's what they want.

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Comment ended up in spam again, I think I need to check the automod rules.

And I couldn't agree more, although I know Jason most likely won't let it die off but I do agree with all that you've stated.

But since it most likely won't die at least I can try to keep the conversation dual sided instead of just right wing like Voat mainly is.

I will try to let this sub come to it's natural death hopefully that won't be long. Heck I might just make it redirect to a general skepticism sub once it naturally calms down as that would be killing it but not making it a straight up killing of the sub.

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Yeah that sounds like a good plan.

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Trust me I understand your many concerns and I have seen what you mean with people trying to turn this into Voat and I don't want it either.

Also I think something is wrong with the Spam Filter. It has added your comments to Spam 3 times I keep having to approve them manually. I checked and it isn't automod or anything it seems.

Edit: I think I fixed the spam filter problem but reply to this just so I can check.

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Good I'm glad you see where I'm coming from. This is something I take very seriously.

The spam filter is probably in the sub settings, not the automod. You probably have some filter set to 'high' instead of 'off' would be my guess

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I understand how seriously you take it.

Although no offence wanting less subs of this type could be considered censorship by some people cough Jason carswell cough but I see the point in avoiding seeming to much like Voat.

And yeah it was the spam filter, I had meant to set posts and links but accidentally also set it for comments.

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I don't care if it's considered censorship. People have already tried to push that angle. Our key missions are not to become voat, and not to become reddit.

If I have to delete a few posts and remove a few users to keep us from becoming voat, then so be it. I'd rather have a nice community people can actually feel comfortable in, than to cling to some idealized version "free speech" that just serves to give people an opening to fuck this website up and hoist us on our own petard and make saidit look like voat.

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Okay understandable. I had only brought it up because many people here seem to be strictly against censorship and assume this site is also against it.

And yeah the problem is opening free speech commonly also opens the gate for Voat levels of toxicity and crazy shit or Reddit levels of censorship to try and stop the free speech from getting out of hand.

I personally don't mind a little censorship as long as we stay away from going to Reddit levels of it.

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This site is against censorship, but that also doesn't mean it's a total free-for-all. That's the thing a lot of people don't get. Boundaries have to exist for this site to continue.

I don't want reddit levels of censorship either, that's also our stated mission. But we're much more in danger of becoming voat than we are of becoming reddit.

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This is where I was when the lightning took out my power.

I was writing the greatest and best comment ever. You'll just have to believe me.

I also take it all seriously.


Even though I just linked some comedy doesn't mean I'm not serious about my goals here. I'd previously stated I thought jokes were fine but since I see those rules /u/Jesus posted, I see those rules as being perfect, easier to mod, and avoids the slippery slope - and it should exceed the standards of SaidIt, and maybe even improving it if we were to consider discussing and applying some of them to other subs.