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Billions funded by a tax on each vaccine, so essentially US taxpayers are paying those billions, not the companies manufacturing the vaccine. Make loads of money, no liability....can't lose (unless one actually cares about other people). Even if you choose a side on this issue, seems like both sides could agree that the producer should assume some liability.

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Let's actually look at the numbers from the vaccine court, shall we? According to the latest statistics (July, 2018) between 2006 and 2016 a total of 3,153,876,236 doses of vaccines were distributed in the US. Over that same time period, there were 3727 compensable claims in the vaccine court amounting to $1.74 billion (the $3.5 billion number being bandied about is the total amount give by the court since the inception of the vaccine court in 1989). $1.74 billion! HA! You lose! You didn't let me finish. Let's do some fun math here - 3727 claims divided by 3,153,876,236 doses of vaccines amounts to 0.000118%, which is just over 1 compensable claim per million doses. Hm, one per million sounds vaguely familiar. Anyway, the amount the vaccine court has awarded seems huge, but it is far less important than the actual number of cases, and the number of cases is far less important than the proportion of compensable cases compared to doses given.

I'll repeat - one per million.

Let's also think about what would be the cost of treating millions of unvaccinated people when they inevitably contract serious but preventable diseases.

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Hey there, looks like you took stats for social science majors, great job! In an actual math program, they let you in on a little secret.. Data collection and aggregation, like science, is often incomplete. It's based upon best analysis at that time.

As stated in the article, many didn't know they had recourse such as this program. Many more didn't/don't know the problem(s) they or a loved have/had are vaccine related. Further, what happens when the data shows up late, e.g. cancer down the road or problems in offspring. What's more, it's fantastical you believe the govt would never lie to you or deny certain claims based on its own .. I think you're what's referred to as a 'true believer', in other circles I've been in you've been referenced as a 'millenial'..

I find it absolutely hilarious that many who clamour for a time when the idea of a deity is nonsense are certainly quick to replace it with one, just in the form of the state. Why is it the government's role to <quote>

treating millions of unvaccinated people when they inevitably contract serious but preventable diseases </quote>

Individuals should be responsible for this, and themselves. I'm not against vaccinating per se especially diseases such as polio, smallpox, hepatitis or certain individuals in fields such as healthcare..

But the big brother government and it's younger brother the media are shaming anyone who might not hold the same view and didn't get their flu shots as 'science deniers' and 'antivaxxers'. The same trick used with anyone who holds any opinion other than doomsday catastrophic climate scenarios.. Where the only solution is forced migration into cities where they can monitor your carbon footprint, make sure you're properly vaccinated, maybe even spayed/neutered, removal of all cars and on and on.

If you so easily acquire disease after having been vaccinated due to exposure of the unvaccinated, unless it's ebola, it sounds to me as if someone is being lied to.

Maybe it's like the best guess random strain flu vaccine where somebody is throwing shit against the wall and hoping it sticks.. Then again, in the absence of spaying/neutering government programs for humans, perhaps there is some important selection going on here.


“The vast majority of people that are coming to my office because they suffered an injury are people who did not even know these types of injuries were a possibility,”</quote> said Christina Ciampolillo, president of the Vaccine Injured Petitioners Bar Association

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The quote by Christina Ciampolillo is profoundly sad.

The parents are the first to be blamed in these traumatic situations.

The only people who demand their day in court are the ones that are 1000% certain that they did everything right, and are certain that the doctors are wrong and that the vaccine caused the injury.

They didn't know the program existed, but we're persistent enough and had the resources to somehow find her organization.

Imagine all of the devastated families who allowed the doctors to convince them that the vaccine was safe.

These families spend the remainder of their days blaming themselves, and picking up the pieces.

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Would you care to provide any sources for your figures?
Your arithmetic will be graded.

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I'll repeat - Are you going to provide any data sources for your argument?

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One of the reasons the court works in obscurity is that vaccines provide vast public health benefits, and authorities are reluctant to point to the rare cases where they lead to harm out of fear that the information will dissuade people from being immunized.

Documented vaccine injuries are extremely rare. Over the past 30 years, the vaccine court has received 20,123 petitions claiming injuries and deaths, of which nearly 18,000 have been resolved. Of those, 6,313 have been approved for compensation through settlements or judgments. According to the Health Services & Resources Administration, that translates into approximately one compensable case for every one million doses of vaccines administered.

This is 0.0001% of people vaccinated who receive compensation for being adversely affected, and only three times that actually ever make claims. Your chance of dying (yes, dying, not being injured) in a car crash are about 0.025%, and that doesn't even save lives (except ambulances etc.), yet people are happy to do that.