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Why is it that your links are posted two, three, and even four times?

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It depends on the topic. I criticized someone else for doing the same and found it annoying. I also find it extremely annoying that there are no metatags or cross-classifications on SaidIt. If find the chaos infuriating actually. And their explanation was they were relevant to those topics.

Something that may be relevant in "health" may also be equally relevant in "technology" and "USAmerica" or whatever. I don't cross post more than 3.

All of this will be resolved soon enough apparently. magnora7 and d3rr are working on something new for SaidIt. They're going to have cross-sub posting. That means that all of my double and triple posts and the comments and votes of them will be consolidated into a single post under multiple subs with I'm guessing some kind of virtual-linkage. And then I intend to add more classifications - but only where appropriate. I don't give a shit about votes. Views are nice only if people like them. But I do care about organizing and classifying stuff better. IMHO getting 1 new sub a week is way too few. I'm not a Redditor so I don't know why everyone insists on needing these subs to be active. For example Lyme is a sub that wasn't used until I posted a bunch of stuff there a month ago. And then someone posted there recently. And the discussion referred to a docu I'd already posted so it was conveniently informative.

Sorry this is more than you asked.

Also, in regards to this post's link you'll see that there's a chart image that they cut up into 3 sections for some reason - that's why there's Images 1-3.

And why did I post those separate? In part because this post did not generate a thumbnail for some reason, and in part I learned sometimes folks don't want to read an article and just look at an image that basically says the same thing.

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I see; you're crossposting. It wasn't a criticism, just wondering. So traffic quieted down after the NZ incident, eh? I saw the chart on the chat board. It will come back big time soon. I'll have a look around and read a book. Now on Three Men in a Boat that I've always heard of. You are a hard worker.

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You are kinder in wondering than I might have been, though I try to maintain good form.

It's not going to just come back, it will keep coming. I suspect this might be the tipping point for SaidIt. If not it soon will be.

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You are RIGHT; This, right now, is the tipping point. Suddenly Magnora7 is being trolled that he could be personally responsible for blah, blah, blah. The reddit rabble and who knows who is here.

How long did it take you to learn coding?

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M7 being trolled on Saidit or Reddit?

I don't code. I can hack together some web stuff, some wiki stuff, and some rigging for animation when and where necessary. I'll learn it when I need to, but I'm realistic about the learning curve and what I might want.

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Some guy was telling M7 that since saidit is not an LLC, he could be personally liable for some legal charges brought against the site. I think it was in NEW. The site has so many new users suddenly, no one can know who that user is. Or maybe they can.

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I don't think that's true, though you'd think so the way FANG etc are acting with their rampant censorship like their futures depended upon it.

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Nine hours later: No, I don't think it's true either, but was that some random guy or a guy with a job to do, like fear-mongering? And you have rootless redditors asking questions like: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Tipping Point time. Good morning. Am on my first cup of coffee and everything is bleary.

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Thanks for trying. I found it. The guy is either named [deleted] or was deleted, likely by himself it seems.

All this sudden new blood is unsettling. I hope it's for the better. It's certainly overwhelming. And it gives me a good excuse bow out to focus on my projects.

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To answer a question I missed back a few turns: the trolling was on Saidit. I only use reddit for FullMoviesonYouTube. I will try to find the place and tell you.